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Are Criminals Inborn Or Made Out Of Circumstances? Are Criminals Inborn Or Made Out Of Circumstances?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 17 Feb 2020
Are Criminals Inborn Or Made Out Of Circumstances?

Have You Thought About It?

This is an old question but the question still lingers. Many of us often wonder whether criminals are criminals from birth or have been victimized by certain circumstances in life that they are forced to be what they do not prefer to. Whenever a crime happens, the cause of crime is investigated. The criminals often do crimes related to the situations or maybe due to biological factors.

Some Factors Which Make  A Criminal

1. Lost Childhood And Broken Families

The childhood of a person is the most important part of his or her life as this inculcates the habits and thoughts in the child which would be followed throughout his or her life no matter what happens. Once a child loses or does not have a proper childhood, then this affects the person when grown, in a very significant manner and it is reflected in their words, actions, thoughts towards life, themselves and others.

A family is one of the most influential part of developing the personality of the child. When a child is brought up with proper care, attention and not spoilt then the child grows up to be a better person. But when a child is left unattended and uncared for, left lonely then this can cause problems in his behaviour, mindset and a wave of anger towards the person who spoiled childhood. Broken families or families messed up can make the child violent in his or her behaviour or rebellious.

2. State Of Mind

The mental state is also a factor in making a person to be criminal. This can be due to impulsive behaviour or hatred that has evolved towards a person or group of persons. The mental state of the individual tends to become aggressive with the accumulated hatred. When a person with guilty conscious tries to self destruct or become absent-minded due to the guilt then a sudden change in the mentality of that person or the impulsive behaviour too adds up.

3.Unable To Fulfill Basic Needs

Being unemployed and not able to fulfill the needs of family and for self then resort to the criminal area for as a faster mode of achieving basic needs and more, leading the unaware person through the wrong path.

4. Drug Addict

Once a person has become addicted to drugs then the need for more drugs increases. Acquiring drugs regularly becomes a necessity to survive while deteriorating them financially. So to get the money needed to buy drugs, the person can go to the extent of murdering the other person.

5. Growing Amidst Bullying Or Abusing

When the child growing seeing all through childhood bullying and abusing people then it is imprinted in the mind of the child that bullying is alright and furthermore, giving or inflicting pain on others poses no problem.

6.  Might Be Due To Biological traits

The disorder which does not give them any control over their behaviour or lack conscience or without thinking about after effects, they behave, or maybe knowing that they are adopted or being a twin may account for being a criminal.


This is a topic that is still being discussed and no definite answers though many factors contribute to the growth of a criminal along with the behaviour of society towards them. It can be prevented to an extent by providing a proper and happy childhood to children during which they imbibe habits and thoughts which are carried out throughout their life.

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