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Are Soft Skills Mandatory For Lawyers? Are Soft Skills Mandatory For Lawyers?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 25 Jul 2020
Are Soft Skills Mandatory For Lawyers?

This is one of the vital skills to be developed by a lawyer but it is not so thought about in the race of graduating law school. This skill is as important as the skills related to analysing a case, courtroom. The soft skills are important for your career as a lawyer.

What Are The Soft Skills That Are Useful For A Lawyer?

  • Effective communication skills – As a lawyer, your communication modes are not only through electronic devices but in various other ways. Communication can be between a lawyer and another lawyer or between a lawyer and the clients and so on. You may have to talk to your clients directly when they make an appointment to meet you. Your skills as to how efficiently and effectively you are able to convince your client or potential clients or convince court regarding your case are all dependent on your skills of communication. This skill can be enhanced by practice and experience.
  • Using the feedback received for betterment of your work and in a positive manner – You may receive feedbacks which may make you feel bad or low but do not take it negative instead take those feedbacks and use it for the betterment of your work. Taking feedbacks in a positive way helps you in improving and keeps your pace towards success.
  • Development of empathy – This is important since as a lawyer you may need to deal with cases where clients tend to be emotional and you need to have empathy towards your client or to any other person. Understanding and observing emotions and to know different types of emotions helps in learning about the behaviour which calls for the importance of developing emotional intelligence.
  • The skill of negotiation – There are times when you need to negotiate like a lawyer and how convincing you are is dependent on your skill of negotiations. Effectiveness of your negotiation is when the opposite party is convinced.
  • Importance of leadership skills – When you have your own law firm or have junior lawyers, you need to assign your junior lawyers with different defined tasks and manage them efficiently. Managing whole law firm or your junior lawyers without causing any confusion and each knows what their task is about with a clear idea which helps in giving a better result.
  • Think out of the box – Every case will be different in one way or the other. But then, a solution has to be thought about and you have to think out of the box to resolve it. Thinking in a creative manner gives a better solution to the problem.
  • Be a team player – There are times when you have to work as a team in some cases. Then being a team player helps in better resolution of the problem quickly. Being adamant or stubborn not only loses the cooperation but consumes more time to resolve the matter or sometimes, may not be able to solve which can again make things difficult.
  • Willingness to learn – Learning never ends even after becoming a lawyer. The willingness to learn makes us climb the ladder of success quicker as it keeps improving our work and so better feedbacks. If we take just a few minutes to think, we come to know that there is still a big mountain of knowledge to be learnt and learning makes us humbler.
  • It is good to have a mentor – To have a mentor especially when you are just fresh into the field of law is necessary as there will be someone to guide, help you, teach your various techniques and skills useful in the career.
  • Good rapport between your fellow lawyers – A lawyer may need the help of another lawyer and having a good rapport with fellow lawyers help in increasing your network which can also provide you with new cases or legal works.
  • Seriousness not always needed – Other than in work-related matters, it is good to have some light moments with a sense of humour and coincidentally, such times can even bring out a solution. This makes you begin your work afresh after a small break and will even help in finishing your work faster and better.


Soft skills are mandatory for lawyers and have their own importance in the career of a lawyer.

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