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Artificial Intelligence Beneficial To Lawyers? Artificial Intelligence Beneficial To Lawyers?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 17 Apr 2020
Artificial Intelligence Beneficial To Lawyers?

Advance in technology has led to transformation of work done in every field . Law firms are still  in the process . It has made an impact in our everyday life too. 

The reason why artificial intelligence is being opted more is the convenience  and make even the most tedious work to be simple and quick.

So Is It Beneficial To Lawyers?

Usually , it is a notion that artificial intelligence are substitute for lawyers. But , it is not so . Artificial intelligence is beneficial for lawyers and not a substitute. It helps in making work more easy , quick , efficient and higher productivity.

It is that complete dependency on technology is also not a good thought . Technology should be used where it has to be used and the usage has to be limited too.

The skill of a lawyer cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence completely. So use artificial intelligence only for certain areas of work by doing a scrutiny as to where and which all areas of work in a law firm require the use of artificial intelligence. By maintaining that delicate balance, the transformation in law with the use of artificial intelligence will be positive.

While using artificial intelligence in legal work , lawyers get more time to prepare , go to court or in client meetings. The time-consuming work of reviewing legal contracts can be now assigned to artificial intelligence . This gives lawyers more time to organise and prioritize their work and use time effectively for other useful works which otherwise, remains pending.

Also, artificial intelligence can give alerts before the due date of contracts and these help businesses to manage efficiently and effectively . Lawyers who work in organisations and corporations do find it useful . In case , there are changes required to be done in a specific contract or if the contract requires to be customised then it can be done with the help of software of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence require hardly any manual help and thereby, reduces time and cost .Even the use of artificial intelligence results in accuracy , editing efficiency , reviewing and proofing of documents which helps lawyers to use time constructively .


By limiting the dependence on artificial intelligence and using only wherever it is actually needed then artificial intelligence does become beneficial for lawyers.

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