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Becoming Judge or Remaining As Lawyer More Preferable? Becoming Judge or Remaining As Lawyer More Preferable?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 5 Mar 2020
Becoming Judge or Remaining As Lawyer More Preferable?

While aspiring to do law, we tend to think no further, other than entering an Ivy League Law School and graduate. But once you graduate, you might enter into a dilemma as to whether you should become a Judge or remain as a lawyer in your legal career.

It is a probability that you can become a successful Judge or a successful lawyer as far as your legal career is concerned. What matters more is your interest in being a judge or in being a lawyer throughout or study law for other career options. But you can become a Judge only after being a successful Attorney.

Let us look at what are the pros and cons while preferring to be a Judge or a lawyer.

To Be A Judge:

  • There are some requirements to be a Judge like you need to a law graduate and take the bar examination and then, practice as Attorney for few years, only then you can be considered for the position of Judge.
  • Once you become a Judge, there will be a drastic and positive change in the way how people tend to treat you, respect you and even greet you.
  • But there are challenges which you need to face as a Judge like your capacity of tolerance, courage, compassion will be tested.
  • Being a Judge and presiding over court proceedings may look like a very fascinating career but with big positions come great responsibilities.
  • Daily, Judges are required to handle numerous variety of cases and no one case would be the same.
  • While handling each case, Judge needs to think and speak in few words but maintain the crux of the case in their judgment.
  • As  Judge, you need to do research, write opinions as elegant as possible but time is as essential factor that restricts this and so judgment has to be precise and on point.
  • Judges also have the responsibility of making such a decision that is logical, reasonable and which is fair and just within the restricted time frame.
  • The real test is when you are actually a Judge and going through that experience.

As  A Lawyer:

  • You just need to be a law graduate and pass the bar examination.
  • The first few years of practice can be challenging and setting up a career of your own can be daunting yet thrilling as a lawyer.
  • Then having your own firm can be a struggle at the beginning which can be fruitful in the latter part of your career.
  • Every day, you get new clients with cases having new twists and turns making you use all your thinking capacity and exploring all possible laws to assist your case to win in court.
  • The crippling part of legal career is when you are making your own identity as a successful lawyer in society and that struggle is worth in the future.
  • Court cases might not turn as expected and you may have to face difficulties where you need to use your quick thinking and stabilize the situation.
  • Life as a lawyer is adventurous as far as legal career is concerned.
  • Cases can be mysterious, violent, scary and all sorts which requires extensive research while preparing.
  • More experienced you are, more fascinated people will be seeing you in action in court by the way how you present it, deal with unexpected circumstances, deal with persons in court, how you negotiate and every other word, actions will be noted by the audience.
  • You are required to be persuasive.
  • The more you practice, the more experience you gain which ultimately gives you success in your career.


Being a lawyer itself or becoming a Judge is left ultimately to your likings. No career is perfect. So being a Judge or lawyer will have advantages and disadvantages but that should not deter you from your goal of being a lawyer or Judge.

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