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Can A Lawyer Marry Another Lawyer? Can A Lawyer Marry Another Lawyer?

Bronze medal Reporter Natchez Posted 29 Jan 2020
Can A Lawyer Marry Another Lawyer?

Lawyer Weds Lawyer?

Is it favourable for a Lawyer to marry another of the same profession?  Most are of the view that a Lawyer usually ends up with another Lawyer or a Judge. Well, it is not all bad marrying a person in the same profession. Some feel that Lawyers marrying each other can be a drastic step. There are pros and cons for everything. Nothing is perfect.


Let us look into the advantages. If both spouses are Lawyers, then one can ask another a second opinion or point of view on a topic. They tend to look at both sides of the same matter and make a decision. Healthy discussion is always good. Moreover, both Lawyers believe in reducing the conflict between them and arriving at a decision quickly. They are also good at counselling. In addition. they can always work together as a team and in cases of any dispute, they can arrive at a compromise where both parties to the dispute reach a point where they agree.

Another advantage is that both can work in the same law firm or start a new one together which can help in understanding each other better and also, the stakes in the profession. Having a life partner with good knowledge and expertise in legal areas of issues, discuss the new emerging laws, different cases and getting his or her opinion helps in giving Lawyer-spouse a different aspect to the same matter. It also helps in building a stronger relationship with your Lawyer spouse. Being a Lawyer couple helps one spouse in understanding better the other spouse about stress and seriousness required in the profession.


Since both are lawyers and it is difficult to argue with one Lawyer, then imagine two Lawyers marrying. Most probably, there can be a courtroom scene once either of them begins a debatable topic and does not agree on any point that can result in ‘conflict between spouses’.

Sometimes or maybe most of the time, it is more preferred to avoid legal talks as it might become a routine and makes the couple forget about being “normal people “ and enjoying life in a “normal way .” Also having a break from legal talks at home help Lawyer spouse to think afresh and clearly. Talking about topics other than the law gives clarity to both spouses about their interests since too many discussions about legal matters can make home more like office. So marrying a person other than Lawyer is also a good option.


Thus, Lawyer marrying another Lawyer or Lawyer marrying a non-Lawyer is up to the option of the individuals getting married. ‘Perfect couple ‘ does not exist. There is perfection in the imperfections and beauty is in the imperfections.


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