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Crimes And Death Penalties Crimes And Death Penalties

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 21 Feb 2020
Crimes And Death Penalties

Crime And Types Of Crimes

Crime is an act or an act not done which can cause an offence and can be punished in accordance with the law. So there are different types of crimes. It can be heinous in nature too. The crimes can be those against a person, against property, crimes which are incomplete and there are crimes that are caused when a statute is violated. Heinous crimes such as murder, kidnapping fall under felony which are serious crimes. There are some which are not that serious like shoplifting.

Some of the crimes are:-

  • Assault –When an individual makes attempts or threatens another person giving the other person a fear that he or she would be harmed physically
  • Battery – Harmful or offensive act on another individual

The above two are torts

  • Homicide – Murder, manslaughter are also included in this. Homicide can be intentional and non-intentional. Murder is the deliberate killing of another person. Manslaughter is the killing of a person due to obsession and passion or by negligent conduct.
  • Rape and other sexual offences- Rape is when a person forces another person to have sex against their consent. There are sexual offences when a person who is of the age of consent has sex with a minor who is below the age of consent and so on.
  • Conspiracy – This is when many individuals group to do a crime.
  • Forgery – Duplication, changing or creating another document for fraudulent purposes
  • Drunken driving – When a person is drunk and if he drives then it can result in reckless driving which can harm passers-by or injure them.

What Are The Types Of Death Penalties For Crimes?

The convicts are either executed or sentenced to death for different crimes. The following are the main types of death penalties:-

  • Electrocution –It is the method of causing death by passing high voltage electricity through the human body resulting in the death of the person
  • Beheading – Deliberate decapitation of a person by a sharp object like an axe or a sword.
  • Hanging – Suspending a person by a noose around the neck of the person resulting in difficulty in breathing and causing death.
  • Lethal Injection – It is the process of injecting a person with one or more drugs to cause death instantly
  • Shooting- It is the method of causing death by a projectile discharged from a weapon
  • Lethal gas- In this type of execution, the person is tightly sealed in a gas chamber or airtight chamber where gases like potassium cyanide are dropped into hydrocyanic gas resulting in the death of the person.
  • Firing squad – It constitutes of many personnel of the military who fire at the same time in which one or few shots can cause death to the person.


Human rights activists like Amnesty do feel these kinds of punishments are inhuman and they are trying to abolish such death penalties.

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