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Cruelty: A Ground For Divorce Cruelty: A Ground For Divorce

Bronze medal Reporter advoate nihita mathur Posted 30 Sep 2020
Cruelty: A Ground For Divorce

Cruelty, it has vast meaning. as it has mental harassment and the physical abuse both. why a person goes for the cruelty, why there is greed for money, why the point to leave the spouse, why to run from the spouse .why to run from the kids,  when you want to run from the spouse then why not go for the divorce. but if one goes for a divorce then the wife will ask huge money,  many times without any reason. why all this.

Why we are not in trying to break all this, why we are so much confused as what we want from spouse and when we get married then ok, in arrange marriage every thing we can not know, gradually we come to know about many things, but why we are not able to accept the right thing and ignore the wrong thing. but we do not try for the solution but we just reject the person only.   

But what in love marriage, we are supposed to know at least the basic nature of the person. then too we are not aware of the thing as how will the person react to a certain thing. that is out lacuna only. then how can we call it a love marriage, then it is simple infatuation to be physical and not a wedding. and in love marriage we tend to be filmy, as we are in love if our parents except or not we are financially capable or not, we just want to get married and live together. later when realizing our mistake, we run for the divorce as soon as possible, as if the flight will be, missed if we do not apply for the divorce. 

This is disgusting. we are making the married life a game plan only. as when the husband can lead the same good life with the second wife then what is the problem with the first wife. and why leave the kids when you are going to have kids with some second so-called wife. 

On the other hand the family member of the husband especially father and mother in law they do not want to accept the bride as the part of the family, she is the ATM and the maidservant of the family, may she is qualified,  but the qualification is used for the social status that is all. 

If the girl does not give birth to a son the male kids then her life is like a total stigma. how can the person forget the mother in law,  the wife, the sister, too are born girl child only. 

Is this what we are trying to give to our future coming generation . did we get the same from our parents no, then why we did destroy the life by our self, and give just the stupid remain to the future coming generation. 

We need to change the scenario of our life so that the rule of law allows us to live a good and calm life. 

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