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Cyber Crime Chances Are More When Working From Home Cyber Crime Chances Are More When Working From Home

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 1 Apr 2020
Cyber Crime Chances Are More When Working From Home

As novel coronavirus pandemic forced many to work from home , there is also the increased risk of cyber crimes .  nCovid-19 impacts not only economy , health but also provides a grand opportunity for cyber criminals.

Opportunity For Cyber Crimes

The corporates have cyber security systems and experts defending their data but when employees and corporates have to resort to work from home , it is a worry for corporates about data protection. Corporate systems are highly secured compared to home systems which make access easy for hackers to get confidential data.

Hackers take this as a chance to exploit and lure working from home employees into online scams which can be mainly about coronavirus. As hackers become more and more advanced , their modes of cyber crimes too are advanced.

There are job frauds who offer fictitious jobs with heavy salary package attracting people in such a manner that they click and fraud can get access to your personal and official data . Then there are the e-mail scams where e-mails pretending to be from the IT department of the respective company or as e-mail from management of your company updating about the pandemic and clicking it can give access to your data.

What Basic Steps To Take As Precaution?

  • First of all , keeping changing your password frequently and the passwords must be strong . This can assure protection to a limit.
  • Always encrypt your data for protection by using algorithms and key is given to receiver to decrypt it . This can help in protecting files to a certain level.
  • Always keep a back up  of sensitive data and keep it safe in a cabinet .
  • Always use a secured system with VPN when using wifi network.
  • Never ever click on any link given without thinking for a moment as some links can be traps to get access to your data.
  • If you feel something fishy about e-mails from company then call on phone and get it confirmed before clicking on that e-mail.
  • Ensure anti-virus and operating system is updated .


The chaos and fear that nCovid-19 has created globally has given greater chance for cyber criminals to commit crime and the unaware victims lose sensitive data . It is always better to take precautions than taking risks.

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