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Difference Between Divorce And Dissolution of Marriage Difference Between Divorce And Dissolution of Marriage

Bronze medal Reporter Adv.vrinda Posted 24 Feb 2020
Difference Between Divorce And Dissolution of Marriage

Divorce is just another way of saying the dissolution of marriage.  When a couple wanted to end their marriage permanently. A family court, they can file a case to ask for a court order for ending the marriage. Can be terminate marriage through divorce or annulment cases. Also, the court can grant a separation.

The court may also issue orders regarding property, alimony and child custody, but the parties remain legally married. However in a few states, dissolution of marriage is not the same as a divorce, since it does not terminate permanently marital status or because it can only be used for certain cases, such as partners agree to the dissolution and agrees on how everything will be resolved, for example, alimony and division of property.

May be coupled dissolve their marriages by choosing a "no-fault" or "fault" divorce. In the case of no-fault divorce is ending their marriage without assessing any blame or fault. Filing partners can list a "no-fault" reason for the divorce, such as "irreconcilable differences. It is a fancy way of saying they cannot get along any more, there are no chances to they will get together. No-fault divorce is quicker and easier.  In fault divorced spouses may be required to live a life apart for a certain amount of time. The most common reasons for a fault divorce are physical or emotional abuse, abandonment, adultery, and drug or alcohol addiction

Moreover, Fault divorces are more contentious and stressful for all involved (including any children of the marriage), they generally cost more in attorney’s fees because of all the time spent trying to prove assertion of bad behavior. Do You Need a Lawyer that questions, but you at least talk with an attorney about your divorce case, from that you can understand all of your rights and the specific procedures required in your state? You can be fairly simple to move ahead and handle the divorce your selves or with assistance from an online service If you and your spouse are in agreement. Every dissolution brings with it a unique set of circumstances and variables. Domestic relations are a complex area of law that is extremely difficult, emotional and stressful to navigate on your own. If you make a mistake during the process it can cost you a considerable amount of time and money.  Possess an experienced domestic relations attorney on your side is a huge advantage.

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