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Difference Between Sole Legal Practitioner And Law Firm Difference Between Sole Legal Practitioner And Law Firm

Bronze medal Reporter Natchez Posted 4 Feb 2020
Difference Between Sole Legal Practitioner And Law Firm

Which one do you prefer to be –sole legal practitioner or law firm?  Some of you might prefer being in a law firm while remaining like to be an independent legal practitioner. So let us have a deeper understanding of the two.

Sole Legal Practitioner

It consists of a single independent lawyer and they usually deal with several topics like those related to family law, personal injury. But there are those who are specialized in patent law or cyberlaw or family law or any other area of law.

When practicing on your own, you just need to deal with your issues and can look into different ways to reduce costs. Mostly, being a sole legal practitioner is cheaper than law firms. If required they can hire or outsource their work for assistance in a particular task. The cases would be dealt with a lot of care and personal attention.

But a sole legal practitioner does not have sufficient resources. Also, the person might be a jack-of-all-trades in the legal area and not specialized in any area or just specialized in a specific area of law. He or she might have limited access to everything in terms of access to data, resources.

Law Firm

A law firm may have two to innumerous lawyers depending on the size of the firm. It can be a small law firm or a big one. Sometimes, small law firms merge with big law firms or collaborate with other lawyers when required in their line of work. Small law firms have similar personal attention like that of a legal practitioner.

Large law firms have lawyers ranging from A to Z specialization with big departments and other employees. It can have branches in various cities. They tackle high-profile cases, white-collar crimes and have usual clients like huge companies, organizations, and cream of the society. The profit made in a large firm usually is higher when compared to expenses in running it.

Big law firms have lawyers with different specializations and those clients who have a case, there will be a lawyer for that case within the firm but the amount charged would be high which would not be affordable for a common man. The services and handling of the case are made easy for the client who need not go to the firm for every small matter. It is very efficient due to specialized lawyers, resources and all facilities.


Being a sole legal practitioner, you can build your own identity and reputation. Large law firms have facilities and specialized lawyers where all contribute to the reputation of the firm and not individually. So both have two sides of the same coin. So whichever you choose, choose how you want to be considered like whether being independent or being part of a law firm.

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