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Differentiate Between Legal Advice And Legal Opinion Differentiate Between Legal Advice And Legal Opinion

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 7 Apr 2020
Differentiate Between Legal Advice And Legal Opinion

Often , legal advice and legal opinion are swapped and the terms are often confused. There is a border of difference between the terms : legal advice and legal opinion.

Legal Advice

A client can consult a lawyer as to what steps or measures should be taken in the coming times and the advice given by lawyer is called legal advice. This can be taken by a client which specifies as to how to deal matters in the future like whether the business should be dissolved or not ; or whether to file a suit or not .

It has to be noted that always a legal advice is given by lawyers , attorneys .For giving the legal advice , lawyers need to make extensive research ona point of law and need to see how that law applies to the situation presented before the lawyer by the client and need to explain to the client in understandable terms .

After explaining the law to the client , lawyer has to give suggestions as to what steps are required to take in future and the reason for taking such steps as this would enable the client to understand easily making the client to be a regular client of the lawyers and in turn bringing , potential clients too.

Also , the lawyers give legal advice when representing the client in court and giving them guidance as to what should be said in court . This is also legal advice given by the lawyer to the client . In addition to this , when preparing legal documents , the lawyers explain how this can make an impact and gives the client an idea about the significance and effect of the legal document.

Legal Opinion

On the basis of analysis of facts which can be past or current , a lawyer can give an opinion called legal opinion . Legal opinion can be taken in matters of propertyand such others issues related to past or present matters.

Everyone or the other will have some legal problem or the other and when they approach a lawyer regarding their legal matter and want to know if their problem will have merits or if it is legal or not , then the lawyer gives legal opinion which , in his understanding after hearing the matter of the person.Legal opinion can be regarding corporate transactions or any other transactions.

Legal opinion , mostly is a written document by a lawyer as to what the lawyer has understood from the said facts in the concerned matter and gives his view to that particular issue along with the particular law or laws applicable to the matter .


It is necessary when consulting a lawyer , to specify as to whether you need a legal advice or a legal opinion and the lawyer can give you accordingly as required.

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