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Distinguish Between Corporate Crime and Occupational Crime Distinguish Between Corporate Crime and Occupational Crime

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 28 Apr 2020
Distinguish Between Corporate Crime and Occupational Crime

These two types of crimes are having similarities but also have differences too. These crimes are related to the organisation or corporates.

Occupational Crimes

This type of crime is for personal gain of the employee committing the crime. Occupational crimes are the misuse of position or positions in an organisation by committing crimes of financial and non-violent nature.

This crime can be done by one person or by group effort of many persons for monetary gain. The crime is like an organized crime .

Money laundering . frauds, embezzlement , creating alterations in company records are some of the occupational crimes done for financial benefit. Though , there is no violence in this crime still the crime is done by deception.

Such crimes are done while the person or employee is still in employment . Some occupational crimes can lead a company to bankruptcy and even the employees lose jobs due to this.

Occupational crimes are committed are committed by an employee against the company and does not benefit the company in any way.

Corporate Crimes

They are crimes doneĀ  by or on behalf of the company so as to make profits which can benefit both the company and its shareholders. Sometimes , such crimes even if done for the company , it is not required that the company should know about it nor the company might accept such act.

Some of the corporate crimes are:-

  • Where permits or licences are not obtained by a company in the proper legal and appropriate manner . Also, there can be failure on the part of such companies to abide by the mandatory regulations for its functioning.
  • By spoiling the environment and destructing it by emitting toxic pollutants into air , water or land , forest areas are destroyed causing soil erosion and other ecological impacts.
  • By advertising fake , unsafe products and wrong labelling of a product .


The ultimate result of committing a crime is not benefitting the company or an individual but it just spoils the name of the company or the life of the person.

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