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Divorce Settlement: Simple moves For Reaching a Negotiated Agreement. Divorce Settlement: Simple moves For Reaching a Negotiated Agreement.

Bronze medal Reporter Jithin Posted 28 Jan 2020
Divorce Settlement: Simple moves For Reaching a Negotiated Agreement.

During the divorce settlement, you have to remove from positional bargaining. This is more important than divorce settlement negotiations. It is much better to focus on the interest that you and your spouse are trying to satisfy better. A quick stalemate will be created by dispositional targeting, and no resolution will occur for you guys on your alimony or spousal maintenance allowance issue; it could also lead to your entire divorce case into a long-lasting clash. In a situation where the husband in a position that he wants to make sure that he doesn’t blow his budget for the alimony or grant to his spouse. In this case, we have to protect both parties’ interests. Analyzing the problem from the viewpoint of interests will allow thoughts and feelings to flow in a better way. This would lead to a more creative way of analyzing problems and make solutions.

Some tips are given below.

Don’t try to demolish The Relationship With The Other Side.

The maintaining of some amount of relationship is beneficial for both of parties if they have children. You have to maintain some relationship with your child’s co-parent is very essential for your son/daughter's future. Moreover, a settlement negotiation never ends positively for both parties equally.

We have to consider the other side’s emotions and feelings.

Please understand the other parties’ perceptions. Parties keen to sacrifice their financial gain aspects that replaced by emotional needs for the final settlement.

Please take control of your own emotions.

In the contrary please control your own emotions throughout the process of divorce. If you lose control of your emotions that leads to a breakdown of all the settlement plans.

There is no need for hard bargaining.

If any hard bargaining occurs some times that leads to a breakdown of all settlement negotiations. This is seen in most cases. Sometimes one party is willing to bend that leads to a better settlement path of balance.

Informational imbalance leads to an unfair settlement

This leads to informational disparity when comparing two parties. The end result is often not good. we often see a party getting an inequitable divorce agreement. This is because of the lack of data and the necessary knowledge that got by one party or the side. And also the other side may feels really good about the divorce agreement. This leads to the disparity.

Be Willing To Educate and pass the information to the Other Side

This can be done through the use of economic and marital asset disclosures. It can also be done through the use of letters from your lawyer to the other lawyer, also through mediation through the mediator.

Transparency and Trust

The divorce settlement that always has transparency and trust. Proper transparency in all dealings such as financial settlement and property division that done through a well-defined divorce settlement agreement. The transparency is very important when we handle confidential documents such as bank documents.

Communication For Negotiation

There should proper communications between two parties and their lawyers. Communication helps to remove problems. In some cases, one spouse has mistrust on others because of lacking proper communication. Proper communication also leads to better negotiations also.

Face the problem with courage

In this, you have to face the actual problems with courage rather than personal emotions on the other side.

All these lead to a better divorce settlement.


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