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Do Lawyers Face Health Problems ? Do Lawyers Face Health Problems ?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 4 Aug 2020
Do Lawyers Face Health Problems ?

From home to law firm then sitting and working for long working hours with just small breaks and fewer hours of sleep can lead to health problems amongst lawyers. Sometimes, while scurrying for work you may miss your breakfast or any meal and may opt for junk foods which can add to health problems.

What Are The Most Common Problems?

  • Absence or inadequate exercise – Deadlines, less sleep, and work demands keep a lawyer busy and hardly gets time to spare for exercise. Health is equally important as work and when health is there only can you give your best in your work. When health is affected then work also proportionately gets affected. So early morning on waking up and going for a half an hour or more walk refreshes your day with the wisp of fresh crisp air and works your mind or any exercise or gym that can wake up your mind and keep it running the whole day throughout and additionally, you will be feeling better. Along with, at the office keep moving every once an hour even for reading and avoid sitting continuously for more than an hour.
  • Proper meals at the proper time – Demanding work makes lawyers go for eating outside or skip meals and having junk food which can only harm health than improving. Instead, opt for proper meals at proper meal timings and when there are great options for a filling as well as healthy meals when eating out like having a grilled protein like fish or vegetables, fresh fruit juice, quinoa or whole wheat bread. Missing a meal or not eating properly can just lead to increased appetite and affects your work as well it prevents you from giving your best in your work. Ultimately, leading to over-eating.
  • Reduced sleep – The work and stress can just reduce sleep. It is important that sleep is also given priority. Only sufficient sleep can help you in giving in the best of your ability in your work and career and also make your mind work.  So avoid gadgets an hour before sleep and sleep undisturbed. The sleep helps in working your mind and also impacts your productivity on that day.
  • Anxiety and stress – The deadlines can cause anxiety in trying to complete work within that said time. Work will go on but health needs to be taken care of. High stress and anxiety affect health largely. Try to work till the working hours and avoid stretching and keep some hours in a day to spend with family and friends. Also, it is good to have a hobby or do something which gives you happiness thereby reducing your stress to a limit and keeps you afresh for the next day.


It is good to work but continuous working neglecting health can only affect negatively. Keeping a few hours in a day for sleep, family, hobby apart from work helps you in the long term.

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