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Do You Prefer To Be A Freelance Lawyer? Do You Prefer To Be A Freelance Lawyer?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 10 Mar 2020
Do You Prefer To Be A Freelance Lawyer?

So what is meant by “Freelancing”? Does that give momentum to your legal career? Is that a much better choice for you as a legal professional? Well! Well! There are innumerable questions ringing in your minds.

When you look at being a “freelancer’ or plan to do “ freelancing “, you are in actual, self-employed and you are not having a commitment towards any firm or employer on a long –term basis.

Freelance Lawyers mostly do work for legal departments of MNCs or organizations or even for small businesses. Be any kind of business, big or small, still, they will have a legal aspect to be attended to and usually require freelance lawyers. Such freelance lawyers can set their own rates. This kind of freelancing can provide you with freedom and flexibility.

By being a freelance lawyer, you can decide whom to work for and who can be your colleagues too. Also, it gives you a choice of clients and projects to work for. You will be working temporarily for a firm or company. There are times when you are required to do paralegal works too.

How To Be A Freelance Lawyer?

There are few and easy steps to be done in order to be a freelance lawyer:

1.  Fix the type of legal service -You need to make a decision as to what type of legal service you will be providing for your clients. In a big law firm or organization, you can only work in a specific area. But before jumping into freelancing, it is always good to conduct research.

2. You need to register – According to what type of legal service, you are providing, you need to register yourself for that particular service like if you are having sole proprietorship, then you need to register that.

3.  You are required to organize your administrative responsibilities – Once you register, you are required to organize your tasks by using software to get everything arranged and systematic and have an independent bank account.

4. You need to have a network for sharing – This is a necessary step as only then you can take on projects as a newbie through lawyers who work in law firms or organizations. There will a struggle in the initial times then once you are settled in career then projects will come to you automatically.

5. You need to create a website- Creating a website can place you on the competitive path in par with other competitors. Your website will show potential clients who visit it as to what service you provide, instances of your projects you have done and also they can contact you if required using the details you provided on the website. But for all this, you need to be fluent in search engine optimization methods.

6. Write blogs- By writing a blog, you are featuring your knowledge and expertise in that specific legal area which is in a way promoting your freelance legal career.

7. Tolerance and patience crucial – You cannot be successful on a one fine day. It requires tolerance, patience, and hard work for success to come to you. By planning things out methodically in a dedicated manner along with patience will help you reach your goal.


Freelancing for lawyers is apt for those who feel working in law firms for hours under an employer can be exhausting and freelancing gives lawyers that independence and flexibility.

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