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Does Lockdown And Quarantine Lead To A Rise In Divorce Rate? Does Lockdown And Quarantine Lead To A Rise In Divorce Rate?

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Rose Posted 28 Mar 2020
Does Lockdown And Quarantine Lead To A Rise In Divorce Rate?

As you know most of the people all over the world are in quarantine. It is a true fact that being in quarantine is very stressful for every people as they are isolated from everything. When couples are quarantine, what will happen? Whether they will be in more love or they will seek for divorce? In some cases, during quarantine, couples get more time to spend each other, they understand each other and so their love will increase. But for some other cases, the prolonged periods together by the couple can cause a break in their relationship. The coronavirus had caused a large impact on the world economy. It had also impacted each and every single family in the world. There will be uncertainty in the money, employment, and health of the family members. Thus it causes a major impact on the living condition of the couples. This is something that no one has experienced before. So we can say that the period of isolation will be really hard for couples.

The famous UK divorce lawyer had commented on this issue. She said that “Our peak times are after long exposure during the summer holiday and over Christmas. One has only to imagine what it will be like when families are sealed in a property for a long period of time.” One of the heads of Family Law at Freeman Harris had the opinion that “Attending school, working, meeting family and friends and socializing is essential for one's mental and physical well being. Thus, restricting those liberties, albeit for the benefit of the nation, will undoubtedly have a profound effect on families cooped up at home with no outlet to release their frustration.”

The quarantine period can be considered as a pressure cooker waiting to blow. In China, after the coronavirus impact, most of the couples in quarantine is now seeking for divorce. The lawyers expect a rise in divorce cases. The lockdown and self-quarantine measures of the government of China are leading to an increase in divorce rates. Most of the couples are in work from home and they do not have any contact with others. In China when the people are entering into the normal routine, there has been a flurry of news that divorce rates are rising all over the country. Thus, in conclusion, we can say that divorce rates may rise as a post-covid-19 divorce phenomenon waiting in the wings.

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