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Employers And Employees Face Legal Challenges Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak Employers And Employees Face Legal Challenges Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 24 Mar 2020
Employers And Employees Face Legal Challenges Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

The current situation of coronavirus spread  has brought almost everything and human life to a standstill. What cannot be neglected is that employers and employees all over the world face several challenges as well as challenges that surface day by day . It is a humungous task.

What Are The Legal Challenges ?

  • Safety of employees -In this outbreak of coronavirus which has affected every part of the world, it is necessary keeping in mind the safety of employees by permitting employees to work from home or permitting leave in this unpredictable situation.
  • Spreading awareness amongst employees – Employers should make their employees aware of symptoms of coronavirus , what are the necessary precautions to be taken and how this novel coronavirus spreads.
  • Employers should make policies for employee compensation in view of this nCovid-19 – In accordance to the law of the country , corresponding policies are required to be established by the employers for employee compensation.
  • To help employee telework , necessary arrangements to be done – To contribute support to the employee telework , it is necessary to do the required arrangements so that employees are able to perform their work properly.
  • Employers should ensure that confidential data to be kept as such by provision of VPN services or any other method – By doing this , it encourages the employees to do work from home in a proper manner .
  • Communication channels such as intranet site  to be established so that employees can receive up-to-date information- This can help the employees to work smoothly even when working from home and as such the important works get done as well updates implemented.
  • Encourage more of video-conferencing –This can help in meetings and annual general meetings . Also , it helps in keeping along with the lines of precautions to check the spread of the novel coronavirus.
  • Employees should also avoid going to work if unwell and get proper treatment as well as inform employer as per the norms- Employees should be cautious in case they show symptoms or feel unwell , must get treated as this can pose a threat to family especially during this nCovid-19 spread.
  • Employees should follow the precautions and the Dos and Don’ts related to nCovid-19- It is a necessity to follow the precautions in order to be safe .


Both employers and employees face challenges during nCovid-19 which has affected numerous countries. Stay safe!

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