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Ethics To Be Followed By Lawyers On Leaving Firms Ethics To Be Followed By Lawyers On Leaving Firms

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 16 Apr 2020
Ethics To Be Followed By Lawyers On Leaving Firms

It is a necessity that certain ethics have to be followed by lawyers when they leave firm for lucrative job offers in other firms. There can also be other reasons for lawyers to change their firms. But both the lawyer and the firms have to follow ethics.

What Are The Ethics To Be Followed By Lawyers?

  • Importance of communication – Communication plays a crucial role between a lawyer and a firm ; between a lawyer and his client; and between a firm and their client. So if a lawyer is planning to leave the firm for a better job opportunity in another firm , then the lawyer has to communicate this to the concerned authority in the firm .  It is to be noted that informing about leaving the firm a day before leaving firm is improper and also leaving firm without informing is not apt. Also, the lawyer has to inform the client in advance about leaving the firm .
  • Interest of client is priority – It is the decision of the clients as to who will represent them  and cannot be decided by anyone else. So the client decides whether to have the same lawyer or whether to be with the firm itself even after the lawyer leaves.
  • When a lawyer leaves , the firms has to follow any ethics ? – Yes ! They do need to follow especially in the case of clients. The firms need to assure the clients and ensure that all the case information are up to date and transferred from the lawyer who is leaving to new lawyer chosen by client. The lawyer who is leaving should also make sure that all details regarding case of the client is transferred and also delete whatever case details are there with him or her.
  • For the lawyer who is leaving the firm , the firm should not exceed the notice period without reason –This is not proper as it will be like forcing the lawyer to stay in the firm when the lawyer has already communicated and planned to leave the firm The notice periods are increased if there are any proper or reasonable or considerable good reasons are there to be done so.
  • The lawyer who is in the notice period cannot be denied from using any of the facilities or resources of the firm- The ‘leaving’ lawyer cannot be denied by the firm during the notice period , any of the resources and the lawyer should be permitted to use facilities as before .


Following ethics shows the good aspects of the lawyer in the legal profession.

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