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Ever Heard About Ethical Hacking? Ever Heard About Ethical Hacking?

Bronze medal Reporter Adv. Nat Posted 17 Jan 2020
Ever Heard About Ethical Hacking?

Usually, we hear about the negative part of hacking or ‘Unethical Hacking’. Like there are two sides for the same coin, hacking has the same too called ‘Ethical Hacking’. When an individual gains access to data in a computer or a system without permission or unauthorized is ‘Hacking’. Those who perform this action are called ‘Hackers’. Now, there are three different types of hackers namely-

  1. White hat hacker -  legal hacker or ethical hackers who follow law
  2. Grey hat hacker – hackers who at times violate laws and sometimes does it ethically but does not any evil  intent like black hat hackers
  3. Black hat hackers – illegal hackers or unethical hackers who violate laws and have malicious intent.

Hacking done with the intention of breaking into a system in an unauthorized manner to steal confidential data or to cause damage is ‘Unethical Hacking’.

Ethical Hackers is performed by computer experts to find loopholes in the system security with permission so that the vulnerability can be fixed and the security of the system can be made strong enabling it difficult for outsiders to gain access. These hackers are hired by companies to penetrate into the security system of the companies to detect any weakness in the system since multinational companies face cyber threats from its rivals. The data that pertains to the companies are confidential and the competitors are behind that information. Once a company reaches heights of success, the security system has to be more stronger. It is not restricted to IT companies only but to every MNCs requires strengthening of their security system.

Governments of various countries are having problems relating to cybersecurity and governmental agencies hire ethical hackers to keep highly confidential data safe while some recruit ethical hackers and computer experts. Mostly these hackers are freelancers.

Legal hacking involves lawyers who use technology to solve problems related to the legal field. They work in the combined field of IT and law. As more and more cyber crimes are on the rise especially hacking, the need for knowledge in technology as well as for law is more and so legal hacking is gained importance. These white hat hackers use their skills for the good of the society.

To conclude, hacking can be good or bad but ethical hacking or white-hat hacking is very well-preferred. In this digital age, ethical and legal hacking has gained significance.

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