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Expectation Of Being A Lawyer Vs. Reality Expectation Of Being A Lawyer Vs. Reality

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 15 Sep 2020
Expectation Of Being A Lawyer Vs. Reality

As a young lawyer, we tend to be very ambitious and full of energy intending to achieve so many things in a short period of time like being a reputed and well-known lawyer. But with work experience and practical knowledge, it is obvious that being a lawyer is difficult but it is equally fruitful in many aspects. Reality is totally different and not same as the life of a lawyer in movies.

How Does Expectation Of Lawyer Different From Reality?

  • Lawyers tend to give the client the proper directions regarding the case and expects things to be as planned and ironically, things do not work out in the way expected. It is the reality that everything may not go as planned and instead there will be twists and turns which are totally unexpected.
  • We expect as law graduate that a lawyer will spend the whole time arguing and proving case but instead there are times when you will be busy with drafting legal documents, going through required legal subject and doing research and so on. But it is evident that the life of a lawyer is always hectic.
  • While graduating, fresh graduates have just thought of dealing the cases of clients but in reality, clients tend to share many matters with their lawyers inclusive of relevant information regarding their case. The clients have shared on the basis of trust and confidence in their lawyers.
  • Being a new and young lawyer, the expectation will that the work will never tire you but after years of work, lawyers reach to the point where they get exhausted with the stress and strain of the work. At the end of a hard day of work, a lawyer feels like totally drained out of energy.
  • It is the expectation of a fresh law graduate that lawyers need to get the knack of persuading and convincing using words but when working as a lawyer, convincing with words and also in written form is very important.
  • The expectation is that a lawyer is always meeting new people but on the other hand, the reality is most of the time spent by a lawyer is amongst law books, law firm and doing legal research.
  • When entering the field of law, lawyers think that they have a fixed time for work but when gaining work experience, lawyers need to attend the call from clients whenever clients require as well do the work of clients irrespective of time and place.


The expectation of being a lawyer is very different from that of reality.

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