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Female Criminals On The Rise?? Female Criminals On The Rise??

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 4 Mar 2020
Female Criminals On The Rise??

Often when we hear “criminals “, we usually think of male criminals. But female criminals are growing rapidly. It is not that women outnumbered men now in crime. It is that women criminals are increasing and male criminals commit more crime. The ghastly murders and other heinous crimes are mostly done by men.

When male criminals were more and less female criminals, then there existed a gender gap but now since female criminals are also rising up, the gap has reduced. This increase has happened due to many reasons. It is seen that women are faring well in all fields but now it can also be seen that women committing major crimes too.

Reasons for Increase In Female Criminals

1. Family breadwinner- With the advancement in all aspects, there is an increase in pressure on women of the family to earn bread for living and under very helpless circumstances, they turn towards crime.

2. Progress in technology and ease of social norms- With restrictions on women lowering and with the technology advancement, women too made entrance into the field of crime. Crime, no longer, is a domain of a man.

3. More opportunities – Women get more opportunities for crime as they seem to have more freedom in doing what they prefer unlike in the past.

4. Judicial system more lenient – Judicial system seems to have a soft corner towards female criminals even though equality is being propagated.

5.   Sufficient participation of females in every field- When females have participated adequately in all fields especially the legal labour market, they spend more time outside the home and this, in turn, makes them turn towards crimes.

Types Of Crimes Committed By Women

Generally, women commit crimes related to property or murder or any other violent crime. Robbery, fraud, drugs, thefts and other white-collar crimes are other crimes committed by women. But it is difficult to study the crimes committed by women based on behaviour as they mostly do not commit crime due to economic reasons, unlike men.

Why Less Women In The Field Of Crime

Once a woman marries then she is totally engaged in bringing up the child and other household tasks which are more important to her. There are gadgets for reducing household work and in that way, women do get time and have higher potential to commit crime though they do not involve in it mostly.

Also, married women do not have negative financial shocks as their spouse is also earning member. So married women do not opt-in committing crimes.


The gender gap has not disappeared though it has reduced. The tendency for a woman to commit a crime is dependent on various factors. But the conclusion is that there is an increase in the number of female criminals.

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