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Firms and govt face legal action over claims pregnancy drug 'damaged babies' Firms and govt face legal action over claims pregnancy drug 'damaged babies'

Bronze medal Reporter william Posted 14 Aug 2019
Firms and govt face legal action over claims pregnancy drug 'damaged babies'

Parents who say their babies were damaged by a pregnancy test drug have warned manufacturers and the government that they are preparing to take legal action.

Lawyers representing more than 200 claimants have written letters accusing two drug companies and the UK regulators of being negligent and putting patients at risk.

The drug Primodos was given to women in the 1960s and 70s. It was made up of two pills which would induce a period in women who were not pregnant. However, many families believe that if the mother was pregnant, it damaged or even killed their children in the womb.

If successful the claim could be worth millions as the alleged victims all suffer with a variety of life-changing difficulties, including limb malformations, musculoskeletal abnormalities, heart defects and brain injuries. Some parents are also claiming still births were caused by the drug.

The proposed legal action follows a Sky News investigation in 2017 where we found documents in German archives showing manufacturers were warned by UK regulators that those using the drug had an increased risk of malformations - and that records from that study appeared to have been deliberately destroyed in order to frustrate any future legal action.

Our investigation also found the drug was being used in other countries, at higher doses, to induce abortions, and that there had been a legal settlement in the 1970s in the US against a drug made up of the same components.

Marie Lyon, from the Association For Children Damaged by Hormone Pregnancy Tests, said: "My overwhelming feeling is relief that we finally have the opportunity to expose the truth about these drugs and the failures of the regulators.

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