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How Are Children Affected By Divorce? How Are Children Affected By Divorce?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 2 Apr 2020
How Are Children Affected By Divorce?

When parents of minor child get divorced , the child goes through stress and has many unanswered questions running through the mind. While the parents go through the after effects of divorce , child too get affected , mostly psychologically.

  What Are The Ways In Which Children are Affected?

  • After divorce , children go through a rough time in coping with the environment . They become anxious , stressed out , angry and vent  the frustration of seeing parents separated.
  • Some tend to become normal after a certain time and get adjusted while some find it difficult to do so .
  • Children feel that their parents might stop loving and caring for them.
  • Adolescents vent their stress of the divorce of their parents by anger or sometimes, by being rebellious.
  • Children do even think that their parents got divorced due to their fault.

What Should Parents Do ?

It is evident that there is stress and worry of single parenting a child after divorce. Sometimes , there may not be answers for questions asked by children and sometimes , children find it difficult to understand.

So it is necessary that parents take proper measures so that their child do not get psychologically affected by their divorce. These measures do take care on helping the child adjust to the changes that have occurred due to divorce.

Steps Taken To Help Children Adjust

  1. First and foremost thing to do is make your child feel secure and safe . For that , both parents should assure their child that both are always there for their child whatever the matter be. To assure a child , parents should always talk to their child , play with them and listen to what the child has to say .
  2. Both parents should involve themselves in parenting the child as co-parenting makes the child realise that parents still love and care for them and no matter what , they are always there for their child.
  3. Do make sure that during divorce, never to keep your child in the middle of the whole procedure . Try to have a peaceful divorce and keep your child away from the whole process.
  4. Even after divorce , ensure that a healthy relationship is maintained with your child.
  5. Ensure that your child is having a disciplined life and in case of adolescents, monitor them and have a friendly relationship with them.
  6. It is always better to send children to different skill development classes or camps where  they can mingle with children of their age and also divert their minds into developing useful skills.


Children require the love and care of both parents and it is necessary for their growth.

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