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How Can Lawyers Help During Coronavirus Crisis? How Can Lawyers Help During Coronavirus Crisis?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 27 Mar 2020
How Can Lawyers Help During Coronavirus Crisis?

Coronavirus which has infected world over , is undoubtedly one of the current crisis and has affected every aspect including the legal world which has received a big hit . When corporates are affected hugely in this circumstance,then it becomes difficult for them to keep lawyers .

While we say this , there is the hospitality industry which is also having the service of lawyers and law firms and are facing massive risk as to whether it will fail or not . It is such an unpredictable situation. It is a wait and see situation now. That is to wait and see when the pandemic will recede and see what is emerging out of it . All firms are on hold now in terms of everything.

What Are Lawyers Up To Now?

Though , the legal activity is kind of restricted now by not hiring further and stopping for a particular time, the lawyers are still using technology for carrying on their work.       

The work increases for law firms which deal with bankruptcy as it can be seen evidently that this outbreak of coronavirus can lead an economy to a recession. This may be the one area in law that can have a huge opportunity once this virus spread gets over. There can several filings related to bankruptcy as well as commercial cases too which has arose due to the reason that there is  no progress  in commercial deals.

There are lawyers specialised in other areas who get new works daily in terms of leasing or sale from new clients though it is quite limited .               

Most lawyers need to reason out many decisions to tackle issues in this present stage and then look into them later on , once the virus infection is over.

Now most lawyers will get used to using technology for handling works. But once, this nCovid-19 is over , will this continue or will lawyers go back to courts as usual? It does reduce travelling to an extent and handle every work from home. So when you can do everything from home then why travel long distances. But on the other hand, the inter-personal relationships between lawyers will be amiss and mentoring will be different when done through technology.

How Lawyers Can Help During The Crisis?

Now when all the corporates are in a muddle , legal help can be given to the clients on how to tackle the coronavirus crisis effectively and strategically  by giving apt advice to their clients on how to respond to these issues regarding virus spread and help them wade through the legal path in this unpredictable situation.

The law firms can help their clients in planning strategically by having emergency task forces to attend to the oncoming challenges facing the corporates and work out a plan to get things done efficiently and in a smooth manner even from work from home .

Lawyers can help employers by guiding through the legal provisions regarding quarantining of  those employees who require it or are affected  and such assistance is required further on the go.

It is expected as well as unexpected as to the extent of the impact of this coronavirus spread is going to have on the economy. We do expect it but unexpected of the extent of the impact it can have on the economy. During these times and after, legal services will be in high demand as clients require guidance to rise up again after this pandemic.

Since there are various specialisation in law, each will be useful in contributing to a team of different specialised lawyers .

Also , law firms and employers need to chalk out plans to effectively survive the recession which is expected and keep different options and back –ups to stay afloat during the recession.


Such a global coronavirus spread has sent all nations panicking but when effectively planned , it can help to an extent to live through this.

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