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How Criminal Psychologist Differs From Criminologist? How Criminal Psychologist Differs From Criminologist?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 28 Jul 2020
How Criminal Psychologist Differs From Criminologist?

Often. we go into a dilemma when considering about a criminal psychologist and a criminologist. Though, both deal with the study related to criminals still the aspect of their study differs. Their focus on the study about criminals does distinguish between a criminal psychologist and criminologist.

How Both Differ?

  • A criminologist conducts study regarding the reasons for crime, different methods to prevent the occurrence of crime and modes of controlling crime. Criminal Psychologist does study on how a criminal thinks or what runs through their mind, feelings and their behaviours.
  • To be a criminologist, courses which concentrate on theories related to crime, as to what are the different causes for crime to happen, yesteryears of crime and various programs on the prevention and control of crime while a criminal psychologist undertakes those courses within the field of psychology that has attention on evaluating and explaining psychological tests, fieldwork and analysing criminals. Both have specific educational requirements as a result of which they take years to get their degree.  
  • Criminologists do not attend to patients while a clinical criminal psychologist has to attend to patients and require a license to practice.
  • Usually, a criminologist who is undergraduate works as criminal investigators, guards of prisons while those who are postgraduates become researchers, professors in colleges and so on. Criminal psychologists work in law enforcement agencies, own private practice, university researcher, various correction facilities and so on.
  • A criminal psychologist is also called a forensic psychologist who has to attend to criminals directly and criminologists look at crime from a different aspect to have deep knowledge of crime by analysing the data, conducting surveys.
  • A criminal psychologist also goes to court to give expert testimony while criminologist does study in-depth about crime, its impacts, factors leading to crime, kinds of crime.


It can be concluded that a criminal psychologist as well as a criminologist work to reduce the consequence of crime in the society even though they deal with different angles of crime.

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