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How Is Tort Different From Crime? How Is Tort Different From Crime?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 14 Oct 2020
How Is Tort Different From Crime?

We know both tort and crime are wrongful acts but in what way do they differ? Is there any difference? If there is, then what are they? So let us look into what differentiates them.


It is an act which goes against the laws or it can be said to be an illegal act and according to the crime committed in the society, there are corresponding punishments under law. Such wrongful acts disturb the law and order; and peace in the society.


This wrongdoing affects an individual or a person. Torts may be of different kinds but ultimately, they affect the person or property.

How Do They Differ?

  • Crime affects peace, law and order in the society while tort affects an individual or property- When, on knowing, that a crime has been committed, it creates fear in the society and disturbs the peace and harmony. Tort, on the other hand, affects an individual or a property.
  • Criminal proceedings for a criminal case while civil proceedings are for a tort case- In criminal proceedings, the person who committed the crime has to serve a sentence given by the court for that respective crime committed and in civil proceedings, compensation is given for the damage done.
  • Usually, a tort is due to negligence while mostly crime is done deliberately-Even though tort is not usually done deliberately still it injures the individual. Mostly, crime is done intentionally and the person who commits the crime is benefitted illegally.
  • The person who committed the crime has to serve sentence or punished according to the crime committed while the person who injured an individual has to give compensation for the damages caused to that individual.
  • In crime, accused is charged while the one who was hurt is the victim. In tort, the defendant is the wrongdoer and is one who injured the individual and one who has been affected or injured is the plaintiff who is the victim of the tortious act.

Laws are made to protect and maintain law and order in society. It also brings in as well as allows people to live in peace and harmony. The sentences or punishments for crimes vary with the type of crime committed.

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