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How Lawyers Can Retain Their Clients? How Lawyers Can Retain Their Clients?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 6 Oct 2020
How Lawyers Can Retain Their Clients?

During these pandemic times, lawyers’ see there is a reduction in the number of clients due to many reasons. So, clients are a necessity and so modes of retention of clients are important to lawyers.

So, what is client retention? It the way of retaining clients for your law firm and has to be done skillfully. Clients are an integral part of the practice of law. Work opportunities come through clients and in turn, it benefits your career as well as your law firm.

Modes of Client Retention

  • Proper communication with your client- If a client has approached you regarding a case, you need to update your client with all the steps taken by you in reaching the outcome. Do not lag and keep your client waiting or in doubt as to what have had happened and why they are not being informed which can create a bad impression about your approach to their case. Every client is valuable and getting a new client would not mean ignoring the loyal clients. Always keep your client updated even if you have a heavy workload or whatever the matter be.
  • Tell your clients honestly –Sometimes, there may be updates which may not be as expected by your client but that does not mean that in order to retain your client or to please them, give them false hope. So always inform your clients whatever the update is, related to their case so that your client is prepared for whatever the outcome is.
  • Give importance to the work of your client- When you get a work from a client and another work from another client , equal importance should be given to the works of both clients. Do not ignore one work for the another or give work to your junior lawyer to do while you opt to do the other. What if, the client whose work was given to junior lawyer may go to another lawyer which may reduce your client. Each client is as important as other and if one client goes to another lawyer if they did not prefer your service, then you lost an important client.
  • Always charge reasonably –Always charge reasonably for your legal service and do not charge extra. Clients may enquire about the charges from another lawyer if they feel you have charged them extra and if they are confirmed that they are charged extra, they may opt for another lawyer. Retaining clients is important for a lawyer and the more happy clients you have, the more you are recognised as one who provides a good legal service.
  • When your clients are happy with your service and expertise in a specific area of law  – If your clients are happy with your legal service then they can refer many people to you as the person to be approached for legal advice, cases and so on which can bring you potential clients as well as give you reputation.
  • Give importance to each client – Clients should feel that each of them are important and not ignored. Once in a while, you can appreciate them and give that importance to them that they are still valuable to your firm.
  • Give payment options – Do not stick to one option instead give different options which gives them ease of payment and makes it stress-free for them.


Each and every client is important and a client who is happy with your legal service helps you to retain them and even get prospective clients.  

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