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How to Tackle the Drug Menace Among Adolescents? How to Tackle the Drug Menace Among Adolescents?

Bronze medal Reporter A.Manikyamba Posted 8 Feb 2020
How to Tackle the Drug Menace Among Adolescents?

How to tackle the Drug Menace among adolescents: 

 The prevention of drug abuse starts from the use of tobacco and alcohol at the very tender age of school going children. 

 A committee must be setup at school and college level, who must regularly monitor the activities of students and talk and counsel them on their lifestyle changes and their effect on them. Use of Smartphones must be restricted in school and colleges which is becoming the main source of drug trading. A collective strategy must be setup by both parents and teachers by conducting regular meetings at school and college level apart from academic interest.

 Even after their busy schedule, parents must try to talk to their children on their day to day activities and people they meet.

 Regular educational programs and debates must be conducted at school and college level making children as speakers.

 Curriculum of school must include on self-control, emotional awareness, effective communication, addressing social problems, how to maintain peer relationship, and so on.,


 Drug addicts are to be counseled before and after treated and sent to  rehabilitation is done by several private clinics, NGO’s. Family and friends play an important role in the social integration and treatment of  the drug addicts.

 Constant monitoring of drug transit route must be done

 More rehabilitation centers must be sponsored by central and state government.

 Government must rigorously advertise on narcotic drugs and their evil effect on people. 

 Strong monitoring and rehabilitation centers have to be setup.

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