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Importance of PSIR In Criminal Justice System Importance of PSIR In Criminal Justice System

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Sanu Posted 28 Jan 2020
Importance of PSIR In Criminal Justice System

The term presentence investigation report (PSIR) is defined under the criminal justice system. The term presentence investigation report is a legal term that means an investigation into the history of a person convicted of a crime before sentencing to determine if there is any situation that should amend the sentence.

The Presentence Investigation Report has a quick reason to enable the court to decide a proper sentence; however, it likewise fills different needs. Since the appearance of the condemning rules, the significance of the presentence report has expanded on the grounds that the archive is currently intended to outline real and legitimate issues for condemning. The data permits the changing of a sentence subject to the Commitment Order and the judge's decision.

The origins of the modern presentence investigation began in the 1840s with the crusading efforts of Boston shoemaker John Augustus (1841-1859). It was Augustus’ belief that the "object of the law is to reform criminals and to prevent crime, and not to punish maliciously or from a spirit of revenge."

The PSIR has been said to satisfy various purposes, including filling in like a charging record and show demonstrating criminal lead and is said to be similar to a justice judge's report and proposal. To set up the report, a probation officer (or a social worker or psychologist working for the probation department) first interviews the defendant and checks the defendant’s rap sheet (criminal record). The probation officer regularly talks to the victim, the arresting officer, and the defendant’s family and friends.

Notwithstanding the data gathered from these sources, most probation presentence reports likewise give:

  • The circumstances of the offense
  • The defendant’s personal history, including the defendant’s criminal record, and
  • An announcement by the injured individual about what the unfortunate casualty lost or how the victim endured, now and then called a victim impact statement.

We all know judges don’t have time to investigate the background of each case handles them that gave heavy workload to them. For this reason, it is important for the defendant to make a positive impression on the probation officer preparing the report. The probation officers had done an interview with the defendant after they included the defendant's statements in their reports so the defendant must care about their statements. Preparation is also critical because probation officers may depend, when making their recommendations, on information that would not have been permissible in court at the trial, such as inadmissible hearsay and illegally obtained evidence.

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