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Important Points Which A Lawyer Would Not Tell You Important Points Which A Lawyer Would Not Tell You

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 22 Apr 2020
Important Points Which A Lawyer Would Not Tell You

There are some untold things which are important to be known before approaching a lawyer. These points would not be mentioned by the lawyer but it is supposed to be known . So what are those untold but important things ?

Untold Important Points To Know

  • Do not negotiate the amount again with a lawyer once you have accepted to pay the amount – To get best and required services from your lawyer , do not back out or try to negotiate the amount with the lawyer after you have accepted to pay the required amount . If you do not pay or refuse to pay then lawyer too will lag behind from your expectations. So it is always better to pay the amount which you have accepted to pay for the services of the lawyer.
  • Never lie or hide anything from a lawyer – For a lawyer to prepare for your case , the lawyer needs the true facts of the case and also a lawyer does not want you to hide anything regarding the case. If you do not state the true facts or hide any facts then it can affect the case . Everything about the case inclusive of documents should be shown to the lawyer  so that the lawyer is able to help you in your case.
  • Dress code – Dress code is important when meeting a lawyer , going to a court or any legal process regarding your case.  Appropriate and conservative dressing is very important.
  • The legal process takes times – So if the lawyer charges you for the time-consumed in court for your case , do pay as the lawyer is also providing you with services inclusive of time.
  • Send precise messages to lawyer for appointments – Lawyers would not wait till you say all the details while setting an appointment . So send a brief and precise message to the lawyer that you would prefer to have an appointment with the lawyer .
  • While consulting a lawyer , only the required should be present – It is always better to consult a lawyer with only those who are required . This can help in having a good communication , focus better on the case and have proper facts explained as these are needed by a lawyer to do the necessary preparations for your case . Lesser the number of persons , the better the communications which helps in better assimilation of the facts of the case by the lawyer.


It is necessary to know these points .

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