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Incident at work in ukIncident at work in uk

ANY »Posted 18 Apr 2019 Post Answer

legal question Hello, I need some advice regarding an incident that occurred at work. It has been reported that I kissed a guard in the back galley, by a crew member however I do not know which one. This kiss happened but was briefly and stopped. I denied it to work as a panicked. I wasnít sure if this was a case of gross misconduct and an instant sackable offence. Or wether it doesnít warrant gross misconduct and could just see a warning of some description. I shouldnít have lied but I panicked and ended up denying it. I canít imagine who on my crew would grass as we was all supposed to be friends so this really hurts, a lot worse goes on with the guards at work but no one knows and suddenly there is a report about me. I shouldnt have denied it but I panicked and I didnít know what else to do or say :(

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