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International Prisoner Transfer - US to GermanyInternational Prisoner Transfer - US to Germany

International Law »Posted 13 Feb 2019 Post Answer

legal question Dear Sirs,

I write in the hope of gaining your specialist opinion in a matter relating to the International Prisoner Transfer process.

My partner holds a German Passport and is currently serving a sentence in California for the charge of ‘Evading police and causing injury’ for which he was sentenced to thirteen years.

In your expert opinion do you think my partner would be eligible to apply for transfer from US to a German prison on the basis that he would be closer to me, based in the UK? My partner is German by descent and has never lived in Germany.

Also, are there any other considerations that may have an impact on reducing or increasing his sentence during the transfer process? The sentence seems harsh for the crime and the judge did award some time to be taken off at the time of sentencing, however this has still not yet been applied. Five years of the thirteen year sentence were ‘enhancements’ for previous incarceration.

Any advice or even a pointer in the direction of where to find out more information would be gratefully received.


Donna MacLean

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