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Is Divorce Harmful Or Useful? Is Divorce Harmful Or Useful?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 21 Mar 2020
Is Divorce Harmful Or Useful?

Life is too short to be wasted . Like its said that when life gives you lemons , make lemonade out of it. So when you face a bitter point in life , learn from it and move ahead with that lesson in mind since every thing in life teaches about something or other which becomes valuable later on.

So is such a bitter part of life which is divorce. When your spouse decides to get divorce from you then you feel it is harming you but when you try to get a divorce , you tend to feel it is better for you and best option. Either way , when you get a divorce , there will be advantages as well as disadvantages. It can be put in another way that divorce can be harmful and useful too but depends on how we perceive it to be .

Can Divorce Be Harmful?

The most common and harmful part of divorce is in terms of psychological and emotional aspect. This will be present in both spouse and in case they have children , then children too have it . Either of the spouse may or may not enter into depression as absence of spouse can make them insecure , a great loss  and crushing of dreams built in their union.

The other thing is that financial state becomes poor and expenses double up especially with child . Both ex-spouses will feel the strain financially .  The stress-related problems increases in both spouses.

For a woman . custody of child will be given to her and in case of a new born then women need to balance both work and baby till it grows to be a kid and can be handled . Along with , increase in expenses will be double and if financial state is poor, then it cannot be comprehended as to how everything can be delicately balanced.

For men , they do suffer emotionally especially with loss in intimacy , adjustment problems in emotional terms , financial state affected and may even distance from their common friends.

The child is the one who is most affected as it cannot see its parents staying separately and longs for a family environment . Emotionally , the child suffers this parental separation in a very bad manner and tend to be rebellious , get into troubles and their studies get affected. They may even get frustrated . Though all these are shown differently in different manner , it does affect children.Both parents are required in the proper growth of a child and absence of one can affect the child drastically.

Is Divorce Useful ?

In case if you are in bad marriage , then it is better to get divorced than rotting yourself in that marriage whereby you learn a lesson which can be useful later on. Unhealthy relation in a marriage is the worst experience especially if you have a child as this can make the child think it is alright and divorcing and leading life respectfully will show your child , respecting each other is significant in a marriage.

There are wounds in divorce but moving on , you can find someone for yourself to lead your life with and who believes and respects you. Also , after divorce , you tend to love yourself and have a different view of life.

Divorcing is better if your partner suppresses you in every way . So you do deserve such a partner in life who dedicates the same way into a relation as you do and give each other motivation to grow in every aspect.

Moving off from a bad marriage helps you to find true happiness and also shows whatever you lost and who are your real friends and relatives. True friends stay by your side and keeps you motivated . They make sure that you do not think negatively and try all possible ways to make you happy which helps you to come out of after-effects of divorce.


Divorce can be both good and bad and neither overtakes.

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