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Is It Better To Be A Lawyer ? Is It Better To Be A Lawyer ?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 18 Apr 2020
Is It Better To Be A Lawyer ?

Initially , it is a challenge requiring you to be committed with regards to time and work . But keeping in mind that the hardwork  pays off , you can motivate yourself to go ahead instead of losing confidence. Every successful lawyer has faced hardships and struggles to reach the position they are at present.Being successful is not an easy path .  Hardwork and determination paves the road to success.

Why  Law ?

Work may not be fun always as there are stressful times . Let us look what advantages a lawyer has got :

  • Career with high earning capacity – Lawyers in large multi-national corporations earn high salaries . Also , the salaries increase with work experience in terms of years and skills. The amount earned is dependent on the size of the organisation and region . Lawyers in large law firms , organisations, in metropolitan cities and those who are specialised in demanding areas of law earn high.
  • Earning respect– This is one of the respected professions and gives some type of authority amongst others . There is a sense of prestige in this profession.
  • A way to help others in need – Lawyers can help those in need in terms of legal matters , be a group or a person. Also , they can further up their work for the good of the society . There are individuals who are unable to bear the cost of a lawyer and lawyers who are willing to help can use these opportunities to help them .  Also, such lawyers can help those who are victims of abuse or children or aged . Doing pro bono work by lawyers is best part of the career which gives a sense of happiness for contributing to the society and doing good.
  • Challenges intellectuality – Being faced with different cases , lawyers have to analyse and make strategies , solve problems and think out of the box . This profession is rewarding in these terms .
  • Varied specialities in field of law – There are several specialities in law and these niche areas provide many options to lawyers to specialize . There are demanding areas in law with high salaries as well as there are areas in law for doing public good .
  • Multi-purpose skills – If a law graduate does not prefer to go ahead into the legal profession and enter any other career , still the legal skills are useful when starting a business or being an entrepreneur and every other career. The skills will not be wasted as every career requires these skills in one way or the other.
  • Can make a change – Lawyers can  make a change by being making positive impacts on society by standing for justice , being a role-model for others while holding high positions .


No career is perfect .Every career has its pros and cons and so does law .



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