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Is It Possible To Fall In Love Again After Divorce? Is It Possible To Fall In Love Again After Divorce?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 14 Feb 2020
Is It Possible To Fall In Love Again After Divorce?

Divorce And Then What?

Life changes drastically after divorce. Sometimes, the person who you were before and after divorce will be like two extremes which means, changes happen in your perspective and behaviour from how you were initially. You tend to hit rock bottom in life and see it is not that good to be there.

When I say the word “divorce”, you might feel “Oh! It is so common these days “. But it is uncommon for an individual going through it. Psychologically affected by divorce, some individuals do fall into depression which can be major or minor depending on the intensity in which they have been affected.

Going through all the legal procedures and receiving the judgment, the divorcee feels it is the end of his/her world. Some feel that they might not be able to make it. It is totally out of our comfort zone. Some feel if their ex-spouse is happy or not without them. You might not even have an idea of how to move on or what is there to life after divorce.

Life After Divorce

It is amazing to see there is more to life after divorce and it is still beautiful. Post-divorce, it surely is possible to fall in love. It is by loving ourselves first which is the first step to move on. I  am sure, many of you who have gone through this dreadful part of life must have sworn that you will never move on and you will never love another person. Do not swear! Expect the unexpected and voila, you can end up in loving another person.

You will again be young at heart after all the heartaches you went through and start feeling that life is not bad at all. It was just a hard part of life. It does not matter at what age you are in now, what matters is that you still have time to fall in love. You start feeling that after divorce that you appreciate and admire every small teeny weeny things around you and in your life more.

Post Divorce Love

Now, that surprise and beautiful feeling to happen again in your life is splendid and fabulous. It makes you dizzy. But let me tell you, divorce taught you a valuable lesson that your ex-spouse mistakes were different and now you are dealing with an entirely new person and things of the past should be kept in the past. The time you find your soul mate can depend. Some of you might find after divorce while some of you see your soul mate at first sight.

Post-divorce love is all good but make it a point that communication is very important. Take it slow and steady. It is also a method of recovering from grief and finding that “YOU” in you. I know that many of you are a bit cautious about jumping into this again as you do not want to be hurt again but do not be, the experience need not be the same as before. You might be made to withdraw from liking or loving someone but do not go back.

Love after divorce can be viewed by you like the time when you tried to learn cycling. Remember? We fell several times and got wounded but did we ever stop cycling? No. Did those falls make you withdraw? No. Those falls made us more determined to ride better. So just think that bad experiences are just to make you better and best.


So, it is possible to fall in love once again post-divorce and move ahead into the future without looking back. Turning back to the past can make you think twice so do not go for it. Life is still beautiful.

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