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Is There A Crime Without A Victim ? Is There A Crime Without A Victim ?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 30 Apr 2020
Is There A Crime Without A Victim ?

Whenever we think of a crime , we think that there is a victim of crime too. But there are crimes which do not have a victim or is victimless. Such crimes do not violate the right of a person directly but it is considered as a crime for specific actions which are illegal.

No Victim In A Crime ?             

The parties in the crime are doing acts voluntary in nature and no direct harm is present . Also, there are no parties to make complaints to police or interested in giving evidence against the parties involved in crime. Here , the parties to the crime are adults who are consenting.

Few of the crimes without victim  are trespassing , using drugs, gambling, prostitution. The participants in the crime do not think themselves as victims  and these crimes are of private nature which does not have a third party participation. Such crimes without victims are difficult to be found with evidence than those crimes which have victims.

In order to get sufficient evidence , even law enforcement agencies or police need to camouflage as under cover agents and be one amongst them and gather evidence to use against these consenting parties of crime. In addition to this , police even resort to having informants in the criminal groups , use electronic devices for surveillance and so on.

This kind of crime takes place without been seen by public . For these crimes , the person tend to do other crimes  like theft to have adequate money to pay for drugs and such other goods or services for which price may be higher when demand becomes greater than supply.

Though the crime is not having a victim , still it is not good for the well-being of the society . It indirectly harms the society and also tend to threaten the lives of innocent individuals.

These crimes can lead to rise in organized criminal groups which violate law and indulges in revenge and violent acts.              


Like any other crime , crimes without victims are also not good for society.

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