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Law Is Reason Or Passion? Law Is Reason Or Passion?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 30 Jul 2020
Law Is Reason Or Passion?

Sometimes, it just makes me wonder about whether law is all about reasoning or whether passion is required to make you successful in this career. Watching a movie of how a law student goes for interning in a law firm and succeeds in a case makes the question more curious as to whether the law is the reason as well as passion or either of them both.

Whether Law Is Reason Or Passion?

Is it that law arises from reasoning and logic or the drive to find the reason? But then, emotions do not find a place in law nor there is a place for feelings in law. On the other hand, the reasoning is significant to live in a society. This is actually a mind-boggling question and something to think about. Don’t you think so?

Then another question arises as to you need the passion regarding the law in order to establish your point of reason otherwise it would be just like stumbling about and beating around the bush without any straight cut point to establish. Also, without making your point then how can you succeed? So wouldn’t it be like the drive or passion is required to make your reasoning of law and when passion is lacking then to establish a reasonable or logical point would be lagging right?

The question is still a dilemma and mind oscillates between whether reason or passion or both are required. Yes! It is true that a logical and rational decision has to be taken. But can it not be true that some decisions or our points to be made may get affected by emotions of some sort or our mind leans towards some kind of emotion when deciding or establishing point?

As humans, our minds would be having some or the other type of emotion when we tend to make a logical point and minds would not be totally free of emotions. Isn’t it so? But then again it is expected in law to make establish our point as that is free of emotions and feelings.


Well! I guess this can go on and on but some questions remain a mystery as well as those questions arising from this question too seems to be out of an answer? Don’t you think so? What is your view?

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