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List Of International Legal Terms List Of International Legal Terms

Bronze medal Reporter Natchez Posted 25 Jan 2020
List Of International Legal Terms
  • Amicus Curiae – Friend of the court
  • De Facto-In fact, in reality
  • De Jure – By right, lawful
  • Dolus Specialis –Special intent
  • Ex Proprio Vigore –By its own strength
  • Forum Conveniens – Convenient forum
  • In Pari Delicto – Equally Wrong
  • In Personam – Against the person
  • Inter Alia – Among other things
  • Inter Arma Silent Leges – In time of war, the laws are silent
  • Ipso Facto – By the fact itself
  • Ipso Jure – By the law itself
  • Jurisprudence Constante – Uniform jurisprudence
  • Jus – Law or the body of laws

  • Jus Ad Bellum – Right to War
  • Jus Gentium – The law of the nations
  • Jus Gentium Privatum – Private International Law
  • Jus Gentium Publicum – Public International Law
  • Jus In Bello – Justice in War
  • Lex Loci – Law of the place
  • Male Captus, Bene Detentus –Wrongly captured, properly detained
  • Malum In Se – Inherently wrong
  • Malum Prohibitum – Prohibited, as by law
  • Pacta Sunt Servanda – Pacts must be respected
  • Per Curiam – By the court
  • Res Communis – Belonging to everyone
  • Res Judicata – A thing decided
  • Stare Decisis – To stand by things decided
  • In Statu Nascendi – In its original form
  • Terra Nullius – Empty land
  • Nunc Pro Tunc – Now for then
  • Proprio Motu – By its own motion
  • Proprio Vigore – By its own force
  • Rebus Sic Stantibus – At this point of affairs

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