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Major Reasons For Divorce Major Reasons For Divorce

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 10 May 2020
Major Reasons For Divorce

There is a rapid increase in divorce due to numerous reasons. Prior marriage , everything goes well but after wedding , misunderstandings , miscommunication and so many reasons which has led to the divorce of couples . The consequences of divorce would be affecting both of them and in case , there is a child then the child would be the most affected.

Main Reasons For Divorce To Occur

  1. No or less communication and miscommunication – For a wedding to be have strong base , there has to be proper communication so that no misunderstanding stays between the spouses and also it does not give place for miscommunication . Incase , there is miscommunication then spouses need to talk and clear it . No or less communication can break relationship quickly.
  2. Continous arguments – In a marriage , both spouse need to be appreciated and given due respect . When this does not exist , then either of the spouse feel they are not being considered properly by the other spouse causing both to argue which can later lead to continuous arguments
  3. Extra-marital affairs – As years go by , either of the spouse may have an extra-marital affair . This can lead to friction between the spouses and ultimately , leading to divorce. This has been one of the main cause of divorce.
  4. Stress and Finance – When the race for making money goes , the stress also increases rapidly which can cause distances in a relation . Also, mismanagement of finance , one spouse makes more money than other and the habit of spending varies which can take the marriage to an edge leading to divorce.
  5. Reality of marriage – Two persons when getting married need to accept the reality of marriage . If one spouse has expections of unrealistic nature then accepting reality of marriage with ups and downs will be very difficult which can again lead to divorce.
  6. Relationship between spouses – When the spouses in a marriage do not have that closeness then it creates a barrier between them making them think they are stranger to each other. Ignoring or neglecting spouse is also leading to a distant relation between spouses. This can make both think about a divorce and feel divorce is better than staying in the bad relation.
  7. Treating partners with equal respect – When one spouse look down upon the other spouse then there is a lack of respect between them . This can result in divorce.
  8. Treating a spouse cruelly – When a spouse is being treated cruelly in physical or in an emotional manner, it tends to leave scars whereby causing divorce lateron.


Divorce is a tough part of life.

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