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Reasons For Occurrence Of Crime Reasons For Occurrence Of Crime

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 26 Jun 2020
Reasons For Occurrence Of Crime

Crimes are on the rise and often people resort to committing crimes out of mostly common reasons . It is not that all those who commit crimes are habitual but they turn towards crime due to compelling factors like for instance, to satisfy hunger. Committing crime is not a permanent solution nor it has a future.

Common Reasons For Committing Crimes

  • Scarcity of food and lacking basic needs – Being poor and starved and lack basic needs , people resort to committing crimes so as to survive and also feed their family . Poverty and inadequate conditions drive people to such acts . Being in such conditions and unable to feed family especially if there are children , makes a person frustrated and finds no other way than to commit crimes in that situation.
  • When pressurised by same age group – When the feeling of being pressurised by same age group , young persons do engage in crimes and do not realise that they have ended up in trouble. In such an age , they do not have that experience nor the wisdom that the compulsion by others of equal age would end them in trouble and  end up being a criminal .
  • Insufficient job opportunities – Many youths graduate but the competition to acquire job goes up rapidly and many become unemployed even after higher studies or graduating from different courses . This disappoints many who graduate and come out with the intention to get employed and earn but end up with nothing . When finding that there is no choice they then turn towards crime in such circumstances.
  • Family problems – Family has a big influence in helping youths make right decisions. A child always prefers family to be bound by love and have peace within family . When family is together in all ups and downs , it also helps a child to approach their parents who helps them in making right decisions and also, influences their decisions. They get to know right and wrong decision with help from parents. When a child sees there is no peace within family , they do not feel like approaching any of their family member at times and get diverted to wrong path . Sometimes, children feel neglected when problems arise in family which makes the children take negative roads.
  • Present social standards – The present social standards value money more than relationships which makes a person think about earning money in some way or the other. Then , a point comes when basic needs and desires are not having any borders and the desires also become requirements to them . The person then thinks of just being successful and earn more money somehow.


Committing crimes is not the solution when facing difficulty in one way or other . It is necessary to avoid doing any criminal acts . Life may be tough but going through the right path can make you successful in the long run . Success by doing crime is short-lived. There are always barriers in our journey of life and overcoming those hurdles with right decision and taking right road along with hardwork and determination makes you happy .

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