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Significance Of Forensic Psychology Significance Of Forensic Psychology

Bronze medal Reporter Adv. Nat Posted 16 Jan 2020
Significance Of Forensic Psychology

To have an understanding of human behaviour and to provide the decision-makers a more accurate picture of the ongoing case, psychology proves to be significant in the legal field.  Forensic psychology is the application of psychology in the understanding of the commission of a  crime and other legal areas. Forensics experts help the proceedings in legal matters in various ways.

Forensic psychologists are experts who use their knowledge to provide reports about the assessment of the criminals and bring into light the mentality of the person while committing a crime. These psychologists do their own research, study the traits of criminals through their assessment and interview and also do a study on prisoners, rehabilitation centers, schools and so on.

Forensic psychologists help legal experts in different ways like

- analyzing the mental condition of those who have given a plea of insanity to avoid extreme sentences like the death penalty and life imprisonment. Such persons who misuse the law to escape punishments can be detected by forensic psychology. It scrutinizes the said person to see if he is really suffering from insanity or not, thereby helping law from being misled. Narco-analysis test and usage of lie-detectors in forensics on criminals and those involved in a particular case bring out the truth in the case and in turn giving justice to the victim and bereaved family.

-human nature is unpredictable too and anger can cause the person to do things that he did not intend to do. Some do have a tendency to act violently in a particular situation and can cause harm to others or to himself. So forensic psychology keeps the person on observation and studies how that person behaves in each situation and in case the person acts differently or violent in one situation then that helps law to make its decision.

-There are divorce cases where child custody has to be determined which is very important for the future and happiness of the child. The psychologists examine the parents and their behaviour towards the child and with whom the child is happy and accordingly, the opinion of the psychologists is taken into view in the legal area to make decisions.

- Since the procedure of law is lengthy, there are persons who cannot withstand due to their mental or physical state and such individuals are analyzed and sent for treatment if required.

Hence, forensic psychologists play a crucial undeniable role in assessing criminals and persons who are related to cases, in turn, lending a hand in solving cases.  


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