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Struggles Of Fresh Law Graduates Struggles Of Fresh Law Graduates

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 23 Feb 2020
Struggles Of Fresh Law Graduates

Fresh Law Grads?

As a fresh law grad, what next? This is the thought lingering in most of the minds. It is obvious that struggles are faced at the beginning before any successful career and so is the case with law. Also, you have humungous opportunities before you as a law graduate and usually, many of you might choose those with a heavy salary package.

There is a wide scope for freshers graduated from Law School in Litigation. Though, salary package may not be great at the start still you gain experience as a lawyer under an eminent and expert litigation lawyer which is more valuable as this experience, in the long run, will be helpful and beneficial to you. The tips given by these expert lawyers in between your works are to be valued and followed.

Usual Struggles Faced

  • Connect With Community Of Expert Lawyers- This is very important as this helps in building a foundation for you at the beginning itself. If they find that you have that urge and substance then they would be ready to guide and assist you all through your legal career informally. But to join this community, you need to prove or show them that you have got what it takes to be an expert and successful lawyer in the future and that you never give up come at what may.
  • Have A Lawyer As Role Model – To be more explanative, you need to have a “Father” figure in your legal career to follow and who can be a role model to you. To have that, firstly, if you already have a role model who is successful and eminent lawyer then it is well and good else you need to find the successful lawyers and see how they litigate in court or in other areas of law which is of interest to you. Interning in law firms helps you to know the working of that firm and that also paves way for you to work under an expert lawyer.
  • Litigation Might Make You Jittery – At first, litigation can make you nervous and in dilemma but let us not stop. It is there for every beginner in every field so forget that. The expert Litigation Lawyers are organized and behind them, numerous people who help are behind the scenes but a very dynamic and vibrancy flow even in tidbits of confusion. All these nuances of law you will be learning from experience from your senior making you confident to start your own firm in the far run.
  •   You Might Need To Stretch Time At Work – The beginning is always tough and exhausting but pulls you out of your comfort zone and ignites a flame in you to do well. For achieving fruits of labour, sometimes you need to stretch your work timing and sometimes work at irregular hours.
  • Immediate Results Might Not Be Possible – Working hard and with determination may not bring instant results but keeping the spirit and will up and not accepting defeat can bring results that can transform your career. So the key is to be determined and patient.
  • Be Updated About Everything – When that knowledge comes into use, you might not know but it certainly is useful and with that, you can perform better in discussions, in work or give view to your fellow lawyer or maybe even to your senior who might ask your view. So continue updating yourself about everything under the sky and keep learning as it never ends.
  • Being Naïve Would Not Help – Do not be naive especially and when you are starting your career. Being naïve is neither good nor bad. Being naïve would not help when you are at work or having own firm. It is essential to be alert, sharp and analyze everything.
  • No Work Is Trivial – As a beginner, you might have to do numerous things and feel that you did not study law to do this. It is good to keep in mind that no work is small or trivial. Your employer and senior might have made you do that work so that you can understand the basics to form a foundation in your career. So doing those trivial works can help you grow in your career.
  • Learn Slowly- It is always better to learn slowly as you get to understand the concept and how it is applied in reality. It can be through trial and error, ups and downs. You will be surprised to know that even your seniors and other expert and successful lawyers have treaded on the same path.
  • Manage People Effectively– In your legal career, you need to interact with many persons and it requires effective handling and communication. It can be your seniors, peers, fellow lawyers and so on. Effectively conversing your points and views, handling clients and their problems. Sometimes, your senior may give you the work of handling the problem of a client to see how you work and perform.


Struggles for fresh law graduates is to strengthen your will and determination and perform better. Take these struggles in the positive view and you will gain from it in the long run. Never deter when you are faced with difficulties.

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