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Terrible Worst Things About Being a Lawyer Terrible Worst Things About Being a Lawyer

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Vrinda Posted 5 Mar 2020
Terrible Worst Things About Being a Lawyer

The journey as a  lawyer is one of the most sought professions than any other profession and there are indeed many rewards if you pursue one.  Working as an attorney has some drawbacks as well. It's not at all exciting to have courtroom drama, news conferences, and grateful clients. Each practice area requires unique sacrifices.  Most lawyers agree that there are three qualities needed to run a successful practice: excellent legal skills, great client service and the ability to find and retain clients. Below you'll find some challenges of being a lawyer.        

The Stress

This profession struggle with mental health and wellness issues and also have constant stress that they face on a daily basis. Working long hours will make them stressed out. A mistake by a lawyer can cost to clients deeply. Lost cases can result in heavy fines and jail time in some situations. Since you're only human, there's a good chance that you'll feel bad when one of your mistakes has such consequences. the practice of law one of the most stressful jobs out there.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is common for lawyers. A Criminal Lawyer is continuously immersed and invested in their clients; this causes vicarious trauma. It’s common in judges and lawyers who practice child protection or criminal law. The lawyer sees or hears about broken marriages, torpedoed business deals, abused children, injured body parts, damaged dead bodies, the trauma can transfer from client to lawyer.

Technology, The Internet And Clients

We can also agree that technology helps in a lot of ways. It is a challenge for lawyers in situations like this: client expectation. Clients’ expectations are more than ever sky high and on-demand. Technology has also changed the face of the way many industries operate. Day by day the Internet provides potential clients to lawyers with access to legal information at their fingertips.

 Low-Cost Legal Service Providers

Online legal services also make consumers feel empowered—that they can get the documents they need at a lower cost than retaining an attorney. this makes a big issue for lawyers, as people migrating to using these services can chip away at your client base.

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