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The The "Coronavirus" Outbreak

Bronze medal Reporter Natchez Posted 28 Jan 2020

What is Coronavirus ??

Coronavirus is a set of viruses that can cause illness in humans and animals are found worldwide. A new set of coronavirus have emerged which have not been identified in humans before are called ‘novel coronavirus ‘ or ‘2019 –nCov’. It originated in a seafood market in Wuhan City in Hebei province in China.

These viruses can cause mild illness in humans such as common colds and gastrointestinal infections, severe illness like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). The persons infected are able to spread through respiratory secretions mostly through cough and sneeze. SARS approximately killed 800 persons worldwide. This 2019-nCov might spread from one human to another like SARS.

Countries Affected

This ‘2019-nCov’ virus-infected humans in China went to the United States, Japan, Thailand, France, South Korea. France informed instantly when two infected persons were detected and that is an example of following proper steps and collaborating globally and in solidarity.  This virus transmission from human to human is not yet confirmed. There is uncertainty as to how the virus is originating and behaving.

The risk is more for airline workers, persons travelling for business and healthcare workers as they are exposed more. More risk is for healthcare workers as they can get from infected patients. During the SARS outbreak, employees of restaurants, airlines, and businesses related to travel stayed at home due to fear of infection. So employees were absent from work and there was an economic fall.

 This outbreak in  China makes it a requirement for every country to detect on time and help control the spread. The spread of the infection is obvious that no country is exempt from this due to global travel. So for early control of these infections is necessary and for this, timely action is required. The most important thing now is that the whole world has to work together in suppressing this infectious spread.

What Are The Measures Taken?

 1. To Prevent Outbreak At Sea

The major cruise lines are banning tourists who have fever and the temperature of other passengers are checked who are boarding at the cruise terminals. Tourists from Wuhan City and Hebei Province are also banned.

2. To Prevent Outbreak On Land

The persons from Hebei Province are banned from entering HongKong. Along with that, the seafood market in Wuhan City, restaurants and e-commerce platforms are temporarily banned from selling wildlife. One zoonotic disease was SARS in 2002. Banning the sale of wildlife permanently will help prevent the outbreak of another zoonotic disease.

The markets being poorly maintained and unorganized which does the sale of wildlife illegally gives chance for the virus to get transferred from the wildlife host to human hosts and making it feasible for creating new viruses.

Precautions To Be Taken

Some precautions to be taken are –

1. wash hands frequently with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.

2.eyes, nose, and mouth to not to be touched with unwashed hands.

3. avoid close contact with sick or infected persons

4. unnecessary panic and over-reacting to be reduced networks creates more panic and very quickly

6. timely communication is necessary

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