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Things To Remember As A Lawyer Things To Remember As A Lawyer

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 13 May 2020
Things To Remember As A Lawyer

As a lawyer , we need to remember few things which are of importance .  They are :

  1. Honesty – Being honest with your client and court is of foremost importance.  The career as a lawyer is a privileged one and misusing it by trying to take advantage of your clients or trying to mislead court is not a proper thing to do in this profession .  When we lie , we tend to make another lie to cover up for the already said lies and this is never-ending.  It is necessary to know that as lawyers , you should not do anything that can be questioned later by your fellow lawyers or clients regarding your integrity and even honesty.
  2. Learning never ends – Even if we have a good number of years as work experience , still there are numerous things we yet do not know and still need to know or learn . Also , there are always fellow lawyers and colleagues to whom we can turn to for their advice and help . They would , in turn , would always be ready and willing to help.
  3. Be courteous to everyone – Do not be arrogant or disrespectful to anyone . It is that as we climb the ladders of success , we should become humble and helpful. Arrogance and  being disrespectful does not lead us anywhere in our career . So , it is important to be courteous to fellow lawyers , clients , aged people and all others whom as lawyers , we deal with in our daily life .
  4. Listen more , think and only then speak – This is one of the most important while practising law.  It is always better to listen first , think about the topic and its aspects and then speak . This gives an impression about you that you are speaking about the topics or matter and not diverting the topic . Also, if you think that you do not know much about the matter , then prepare yourself by doing research on the topic and even get tips from other lawyers and give legal advice to client or to anyone who approaches you.
  5. Do not let your emotions overtake you – In this career , reasoning is significant . Emotions and reasoning do not work hand in hand. In professional life , give importance to reasoning and do not allow personal life to interfere in your career. There should be a line kept by you between your professional life and personal life .
  6. Always be prepared- It is to be remembered that when you meet anyone for professional purposes , be prepared . In free time or leisure , read legal books and articles to keep yourself updated and in rhythm with the changing times and laws.
  7. Reason out every point – While dealing with cases , always try to reason out whatever points you get for your case . Logically reasoning out can help fill the loopholes in case preparation and questioning every point with why , what , when , how , who  and where .

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