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What Are The Top Legal Skills? What Are The Top Legal Skills?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 30 Sep 2020
What Are The Top Legal Skills?

As a lawyer, it is essential to develop these important skills that help you in becoming a successful legal professional. It is a necessity. Clients prefer to go to such lawyers So what are these skills? Let’s look!

Top Legal Skills

  • Communication (both oral and in written form ) – This skill is very important as a lawyer should be able to convey the details in a concise, understandable and simple manner especially to the client who knows hardly any legal terms. You should be convincing and that is where your oral communication skills play its crucial role. So even if you communicate very well still, do not forget about listening to what your clients or anyone who come to you, has to speak. Listening is also important as a lawyer. Now, about written communication, there are legal documents that require drafting and writing has to be on point since when a legal document is read, you may not be present there to explain what you have drafted or what you meant. Therefore, the written form has to be logically clear, on point and precise, grammatically proper and the reader has to understand what is drafted.
  • Interactive skills – Daily, a lawyer has to meet different individuals and interacting with them is as important as having these skills. Interactive skills include politeness, how well you present your conversation, respectfulness. This skill brings in potential clients too. Interaction is not restricted to people outside your firm but also inclusive of your fellow lawyers, colleagues, lawyers within your firm.
  • The skill of managing time – Time is very crucial for a lawyer as the whole day would be cramped with work, meetings, preparing cases and so on. Also, the workload is never less and so managing time is essential in order to meet the deadline as well as meet the expectation of clients. Multi-tasking and scheduling time for each day for each work adds to good productivity. Time-scheduling for work to be done every day has to be done which can help in managing the workload. By time management, you are able to keep some time for extra-curricular activities which helps in your work as well for personal life too.
  • Researching skill is an important part of case preparation – This is one of the most required skills that has to be developed by a lawyer. It is not only for case preparation but also to acquire knowledge too. Going through past cases, understanding the facts of each case and analysing it to the minute detail and in addition to past cases, reading articles or any writing that are related to your work.
  • Observation skills – A lawyer has to be very observant to the minute detail even while reading especially cases, contracts. A word can change the whole meaning when communicating (oral and written; e-mails ), in contracts,  legal documents. This has to be accurate and a small mistake or change in words can create a not a good impression.
  • Creative skills – This skill helps a lawyer to bring out a wide range of solutions and not restricted to one and only one solution. So, if one does not work then another solution can be opted for.  It is not only important in being logical but creativity plays an important role.
  • Reasoning skills – This skill also holds another important place. Reasoning skills allows the lawyer to draw out logical conclusions from the given details as well as lets the lawyer know the weak area of the other side in a court hearing.
  • Organising skills – It is necessary for the lawyer to know where each file is kept else when in need of those files and hurriedly searching for files, books and so on can make things messy as well as put you in a dilemma as to what to do when it is not found. Organising each and everything in your firm keeps everything arranged, neat and gives a good impression to anyone entering your firm. But most of all, you tend to get the required files or cases whenever you need and need not waste precious time searching for it or get stressed.


Having the above skills and developing it helps in your legal career to a great extent.

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