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What Is Telephone Harassment? How To Deal With It? What Is Telephone Harassment? How To Deal With It?

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Rose Posted 18 Apr 2020
What Is Telephone Harassment? How To Deal With It?

Telephone harassment is a kind of unsolicited communication through telephone which may be threatening, obscene or unwanted. The main aim of such calls will be making annoy, harass, threaten or even make harm. Telephone harassment may be in different forms. Making continuously ringing the phone, making repeated phone calls, refusing to reveal the identity, making obscene comments, requests or blackmailing are some of these types. Making such telephone harassment is a criminal offence in all aspects. When you face such an incident, you no need to change your number to get rid of such calls. You must seek legal assistance to end up with it. The offenders will be punished according to the laws in the country.

The police are always willing to accept such complaints. But you want to ensure that you must keep proof of it. The police will use this proof to track the person who is behind the telephone harassment. In most cases, women had to face such issues. The telephone harassment faced by women is mostly sexual intended. Even they had to face brutal blackmailing. A survey conducted by experts states that most of the women who face telephone harassment try to hide due fear or shame. They will only consult the police when they can’t afford it.

As women are mostly harassed through telephone, the police officials in different countries had come up with a solution. An exclusive helpline number has been introduced to nab such offenders. Any person who faces telephone harassment can call to this number.

The Police officials had stated that” All that the victim has to do is dial the helpline number and cops will swoop down on such Romeos. We have noticed that unfortunately in such incidents, the local police somehow fail to react in time. This only accentuates the mental trauma of the victim. Now, such nuisance makers will have a tough time, as a call to this helpline will put our team into action. We are training a team of police personnel, which includes women police officials, on how to deal with such offenders. Immediately after receiving the call, the cops will call the person who is harassing the woman. If the person seems apologetic, then the cops will revert to the woman. If the woman agrees to the apology, then the cops will cross-check thrice within a month if things are alright and then close the case. In case, the harassment continues, the helpline officials will contact the local police station. The local police will then bring the harasser to book”

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