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Which Area Of Law is Lucrative During nCovid Crisis? Which Area Of Law is Lucrative During nCovid Crisis?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 19 Apr 2020
Which Area Of Law is Lucrative During nCovid Crisis?

Amidst the novel coronavirus situation ,there is a confusion amongst law graduates as to which area of law will be more lucrative in the current novel coronavirus pandemic.

So let us look into the potential areas of law:

1.   Bankruptcy Law – The present economies of most countries are confronted with financial struggles as most countries are affected by novel coronavirus and with almost all the countries on lockdown , the businesses are affected drastically leading to fall of economy or on the verge of falling. So during the pandemic fight and once the countries have survived this pandemic , more concentration would be given on reviving the economy  and that is when the lawyers specialised in bankruptcy and restructuring come into action .

2.   Insurance Law- Lawyers specialised in insurance need to go through various facts of insurance claims and contracts so as to let the person know if the insurance is covered or not and also see if it has to be solved through legal procedure. Insurance coverage can be for a car  or any automobile, home , companies or businesses .

3.    Law regarding healthcare – These lawyers are those who are involved in the mergers and acquisitions of health care industry  or in their transactions or handling health related matters . Such lawyers have to see to that the rules and regulations are followed as it is by the clients and not violated by them.

4.   Cyber Law – In this area of law , lawyers have to give clients information about various cyber issues regarding security that can be faced by them at this juncture, how to keep data safe and also as to what to do if there is a cyber crime or data theft . The lawyers need to ensure that their clients are aware on how to prevent such occurrences and to help them follow the rules and regulations .

5.   Labour Law – With many companies laying off their employees and many losing their jobs , there is an imbalance . Lawyers specialising in this area give necessary advice as to how to resolve the disputes regarding labour and unemployment . Also, these lawyers have to review the labour contracts or do negotiations tactfully keeping in mind the balance between the company and employees. This is a delicate issue which has to be tackled wisely. There can be issues of litigation too in this area .These lawyers are also required to draft procedure , policies and legal documents for employment , draft contracts for contractual employees and so on.


The ongoing pandemic have had drastic effects globally.     

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