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Why Are Criminals Classified? Why Are Criminals Classified?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 25 Feb 2020
Why Are Criminals Classified?

The criminals are classified according to the crimes they have committed in terms of legal necessity but scientifically insufficient. This classification does have significance though. Now, scientific classification has gained importance but not on the crimes committed instead on the basis of the nature of the criminal.

Classification Of Criminals

There need not be clarity in the classification of criminals as one division does coincide with other division. The several classifications of criminals are:-

  • Criminals who are insane –The criminals who are insane or lunatics are dangerous and can even turn into maniacs or paranoids. So for such criminals, hospitals are built so that they can be treated and also to protect society from them. Releasing them in their insane state would be unpredictable as they react according to their delusions or to satisfy their hunger to kill.  They would not even deter from killing an infant.
  • Criminals due to passion - This type of criminals commit violent crimes like sexual assaults, assault or even manslaughter and such crime is committed by jilted lovers usually who retaliate in this manner. These crimes are done on sudden impulse because of the uncontrollable emotions. Such crimes can be committed due to anger, grief.
  • Occasional criminal-They are not inborn criminals but have drifted into crime at a tender age due to their circumstances and environment. These crimes are by opportunity. They are not professional criminals. One of the occasional crime is shoplifting caused by temptation. Such crimes might lapse if their temptations disappear.
  • Criminal by instinct- The criminals who are by instinct find it difficult to adjust according to social requirements due to the defects acquired hereditarily and such criminals are inborn. So they commit crimes more by instinct. Such criminals are unable to see the difference between right and wrong. They weak-minded persons.
  • Criminal by habit-Such criminals are classified on the basis of acquired habit. This habit is acquired due to the influence of the environment, people and such criminals sway slowly into crime arena. Such criminals find it difficult to drop those habits or control temptations.
  • Criminals who commit crime as a profession-They have crime as a career and commit a crime to earn their bread for a living. These criminals have done or committed crimes in the past and convicted for the same. They do such crimes for monetary benefits. Such criminals came into being with the intention of being a criminal.
  • Political criminal- It is seen in every society and one of the oldest types of crime. Some of the usual political crimes are bribery, treason, espionage and so on. When resisting such a criminal act, it may be perceived as disobedience or dissent and so on.


These causes which make a criminal are not changeable. These crimes and criminals cannot be eliminated but ways can be found to control it once the cause is detected. So classifying criminals are done to make different social policies to counter the various factors that make the criminals.

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