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Why Do People Divorce? Why Do People Divorce?

Bronze medal Reporter Advocate Nihita Mathur Posted 2 Oct 2020
Why Do People Divorce?

Nowadays the wedding system is changing all over the world. person is running away from the wedlock . they are in fear of the wedlock . why the reason is in it only , as the person is now in fear with the word wife and husband . 

The reason the wedding says to expect from these two words the wife and the husband . it is totally wrong . we say that if the person is , girl and boy friend then too as they get married, they naturally turn in wife and husband , and start the expectation . as he is the husband he has to prvide it is his social legal duty . and same from the wife , that she has to serve the husband and the in laws come what may . 

The husband starts believing himself the the avtar of some god ,as  patipermashwar . and the belief that the wife is there to serve him like any thing. we are not changing as per the scenerio . may be we are afraid to change .in wedlock we implied many religious social and family responcibility on them , which they take as burden which is acutally wrong thinking ..  

That is why the husband and the wife tend to run from the relation and find mental peace in some one else . 

On other hand do we see that , how did out ancesters live there life , no we jsut see that they had too many kids , but we do not try to see that our ancesters . our grand parents had calm life they were best friend of each other,  so that they live 50 year  to 75 year together . and they had a happy life . 

Why so , reason is that they were friends and they did not take any , religious work and the family responciblity as burden , they did enjoy it . 

But we see that we will enjoy only this person's company who give us the calm in life . that is why we run out of the wedlock and go for the live in . reason in this relation there is not expectation . there is only relaxation .

Why can't we find the same relaxation in the married life . we have to change our self as our attitude and the aptitude . we need to find the friend in the spouse the wife and the husband . why we only want to care for the girl friend and not the wife . why we can not care for the husband as friend . we can if we try . 

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